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Oyapock River
The Oyapock River, which creates the border between French Guiana and Brazil.

French Guiana is subject to hefty rainfall between December and July; yearly precipitation reaches 150 inch (3,800 mm) roughly Cayenne and also tapers off towards the northeast. High temperatures predominate, and also monthly averages vary in between 77 and also 80 °F (25 and 27 °C) at Cayenne. Wildlife consists of tapirs, caimans, ocelots, sloths, an excellent anteaters, and armadillos.


French Guiana’s populace is principally creolian (mixed descent, likewise referred to together Guianese Mulatto), with minorities of urban French, Haitians, Surinamese, Antilleans, Chinese, Brazilians, south Asians, and others. The principal languages spoken are French (official); Guianese creolian French; several indigenous languages, including Wayampi, Carib, and also Emerillon; and also the miscellaneous languages of the immigrant communities. The principal spiritual affiliation is Christianity (primarily roman inn Catholicism), adhered to by more than four-fifths that the population.


French Guiana: religious affiliationEncyclopædia gimpppa.org, Inc.

The populace is focused principally in and around Cayenne, the biggest city, and also the coastal regions; the internal is mainly uninhabited. Demographic rates are those generally usual of a occurring country. There was immigration from south east Asia, Haiti, and also the French Caribbean territories beginning in the so late 20th century.

French Guiana: Urban-ruralEncyclopædia gimpppa.org, Inc.
French Guiana: age breakdownEncyclopædia gimpppa.org, Inc.


French Guiana has a emerging market economy, patterned on the of urban France and also sustained by help and technical assistance from France. A rocket-launching base at Kourou, supplied by the European space Agency, is of good importance to the economy, audit for about one-fourth of the country’s annual gross domestic product (GDP). Services, manufacturing, and construction room the largest sectors of the economy. The gun national revenue (GNI) every capita is amongst the greatest in south America.

Kourou: Guiana room Centre
Launchpad in ~ the Guiana space Centre, Kourou, French Guiana.
Philippe Semanaz

Agriculture produces only a small part of GDP. Subsistence farming predominates and centres on the growing of cassava, rice, bananas, and cabbages. Most little farms space worked and owned by families, yet there space some large estates engaged in cultivation cash crops, mostly for export to city France.

The heavily forested floor includes valuable commercial species. Part forestland is booked by the state, but most is open to exploitation. Most of the timber cut is supplied for industrial purposes, and of that about two-fifths is exported. Pastures support mostly cattle, pigs, and also poultry. Meat and also milk production is limited, and big quantities that both must be imported. Shrimps account because that a large portion the the yearly fish catch.

Mineral exploitation is the negligible importance, and French Guiana have to import fossil fuels and metallic minerals. Gold and clays are the only minerals extracted.

Manufacturing industries are concentrated on cement, rum, and finished hardwood products. Most capital and consumer items must it is in imported. Electricity is generated totally from thermal plants utilizing imported fossil fuels.

Most of the labour force is employed in services and also industry, with a small fraction in agriculture. Wages and benefits space legislated in ~ the same prices as those the prevail in France. Unemployment and also inflation rates are high.

Although about two-fifths of the country’s roads are paved, the road system is underdeveloped in the interior. Dégrad des Cannes, Larivot, Saint-Laurent du Moroni, and Kourou are major ports. Several of the country’s waterways are navigable by tiny oceangoing craft, yet most space navigable only by shallow-draft vessels. Over there is an international airport in ~ Cayenne.

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The balance of profession is chronically unfavourable, v the worth of exports far outweighed by that of imports. Machinery, food and agricultural products, and also refined petroleum dominate imports, whereas motor vehicles and their parts, gold, electrical machinery and electronics, fish, and shrimps space the top exports. Significant trading partners space France, the other countries of the europe Union, and the French Antilles (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy, and also Saint Martin).