What space the oxidation claims for every one of the elements in H3PO4? What space the oxidation states for every one of the facets in H3PO4?A +1, +1, –2 B +1, +5, –2 C +3, +5, –8 D –1, –1, +2
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H_3PO_4 is consisted of of `H^+ ` and `PO_4^(3-)` .

Possible oxidation states of elements

H = +1`(HCl)` ,0`(H_2)` ,-1`(NaAlH_4)`

O = -2`(H_2O)` ,-1`(H_2O_2)` ,0`(O_2)`

P = +5`(H_3PO_4)` ,+3`(H_3PO_3)` ,+1`(H_2HPO_3)`

Here H has +1 oxidation state.

O has actually -2 oxidation state.

for this reason oxidation state of p -< 1*3+(-2)*4...

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H_3PO_4 is consisted of of `H^+ ` and also `PO_4^(3-)` .


Possible oxidation claims of elements

H = +1`(HCl)` ,0`(H_2)` ,-1`(NaAlH_4)`

O = -2`(H_2O)` ,-1`(H_2O_2)` ,0`(O_2)`

P = +5`(H_3PO_4)` ,+3`(H_3PO_3)` ,+1`(H_2HPO_3)`


Here H has actually +1 oxidation state.

O has -2 oxidation state.

So oxidation state of p -< 1*3+(-2)*4 >= 0 because `H_3PO_4` is neutral.

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So oxidation variety of P = +5


Oxidation that H = +1

Oxidation of O = -2

Oxidation of ns = +5


 So the prize is B

What room the oxidation states for all of the aspects in AlCl3?What are the oxidation claims for all of the elements in AlCl3?A –1, +1 B –3, +3 C +1, –1 D +3, –3

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