The other day someone asked me for the male equivalent of “mistress.”

Naturally, i shot earlier “master,” yet that was not the answer. My questioner want a word the was the male indistinguishable of:

woman having actually sexual connections on a consistent basis and being sustained by male not her husband

The word the comes closest in an interpretation is gigolo:

1 : a man living on the earnings of or sustained by a woman;2 : a experienced dancing companion or male escort

The movie title Deuce Bigalow, male Gigolo undermines the usage of even this word to typical “male prostitute” by suggesting that a gigolo can be female–as if a male being paid for sex-related favors is acting favor a woman.

The master/mistress pair is one of numerous examples of words the were once an ext or less specific equivalents, yet which parted company because of gender-based prejudices that govern the language.

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Linguist Julia Penelope located 220 English words an interpretation “promiscuous woman,” yet found just 20 for “promiscuous man.”

Another researcher, Muriel R. Schultz, discovered 500 slang terms because that “prostitute.” She found 65 slang terms because that “whoremonger” and “pimp,” but those space words for guys who market women for sex-related purposes.

Other words, prefer “tramp,” different in an interpretation according to whether they’re being applied to a guy or a woman. Calling a guy a tramp is to suggest that the lacks a continuous job and also place of residence. Phone call a mrs a tramp is to speak to her a whore.

Originally, master and mistress were indistinguishable words because that persons having regulate or authority end others. Mistress in the sense of “a woman who employs others or has authority over servants” is from 1426. Through 1430 the word had actually taken ~ above the sense of “kept mrs of a married man.”

In some school instances the words are still equivalents together synonyms for “teacher,” however in basic usage, if you to speak “Sally is his mistress,” the meaning is plainly sexual. Top top the various other hand, a sentence such as “Sam is her master,” would be meaningless out of context.

“A lot of ink is spilled end the use of “he” once both men and also women room meant, yet not a many public awareness concentrates on habitual use of words choose “bitch” on television and also in conversation as if they to be acceptable synonyms for ‘woman."”

Words because that a promiscuous woman space invariably derogatory, but words for a promiscuous man are typically perceived as compliments: stud muffin, Romeo, ladies’ man.

The factor for this tendency of feminine indigenous to take on negative, sexual connotations is the social attitude that guys are people for who sex is just one aspect of their existence, while women cannot be assumed of personally from sexual functions.

Here’s an practice for you:

For the duration of a work or two, shot using only the word “woman” or “man” as soon as you great to describe one or the other. No dudes, bitches, chicks, jerks, s.o.b.s or the like.

If your intention is to recognize the male or the woman together a sexually promiscuous person, use words promiscuous.

Or, you might want to pick from two word pairs that have regulated to cave on come their indistinguishable connotations because that centuries now:

adulterer/adulteress – married human being who has sex with person other than legal spousefornicator/fornicatress – unmarried human being who has actually sex with various other unmarried person

Meanwhile, I expect the male equivalent of “mistress” in the sense of “kept woman,” need to be “kept man.”

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51 Responses to “What’s a male Mistress?”

EleanorRigby26on might 09, 2008 1:08 pm

This exact problem, however, permitted Flaubert come craft one of my favourite literary lines ever in mam Bovary: “He was coming to be her mistress” The gender duty play provides it so much an ext interesting than if he’d do the efforts to find a mrs equivalent.

Brad K.on may 09, 2008 1:36 pm

I saw high college at Everly community High, in Iowa throughout the 1960’s. The team name was ‘The Cattlefeeders’. Yes, kind of rural. However during basketball season, when you pointed out The Cattlefeeders, you meant the girls team – they had made state champion once, and also been come state competitions more than 6 times in 12 years. Once you meant the boy’s team, you claimed The Cattelfeeders guys team.

You cite using mistress as a figure of authority. I discover a similar difference as earlier in Everly applies, for me. The is, as soon as I read “mistress” ns most frequently think “mistress that the house” – alluding come a time when a ‘house’ was something a male owned and also was grasp of. That is, mistress was responsible for to run her husband’s family members – a wife. Ns think that intake of the term, that a woman running a household, is what advanced into the share ‘woman in position of authority’, an identical to master or sir.

And isn’t mistress the source of the abbreviation ‘mrs.’? At least the abbreviation retains the connotation of co-authority in the household. I note the legal effects of marriage, combine the couple’s capacity to contract and commit in the surname of the household.

As for masculine mistress where the connotation is preserved man, how around boy toy? That suggests at least the comparable perception of absence of redeeming society value, other than social picture or sex-related gratification.

Maeveon may 09, 2008 1:48 pm

Both Mrs. And Miss have from words Mistress.

I think “boy toy” is just one more cute expression designed to do the man’s behavior appear pleasant and acceptable contrasted to similar behavior on the part of the woman.

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Tracyon may 09, 2008 2:29 pm

I think the ax mantress should record on for a masculine mistress.

Barbara Lingon may 09, 2008 5:46 pm

I vote for “he-wench.”