You don’t have to undertaking far in the Dominican Republic come stumble ~ above the many beautiful dry flowers.

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The flowers here really execute brighten your day. Flowering hedges, blossom-heavy trees, please shrubs, and also delicate flowerbeds. All these conspire to add a tropical popular music of colour to your environment.

Let’s take a look at at simply a couple of of the gorgeous flower you deserve to see cultivation wild and totally free in the Dominican Republic.


Rosa de Bayahibe

The national flower is the aboriginal Rosa de Bayahibe, the sweet pale-pink flower that the pereskia quisqueyana cactus.

Quisqueya is a surname for the island that Hispaniola which is home to Haiti and also the Dominican Republic. The is believed to typical ‘mother of all lands’ in the Taino language. Dominicans and those the Dominican descent are described as quisqueyanos.

The beloved cactus is sadly an endangered species, and can only be discovered in its aboriginal town the Bayahibe, in the southeasterly Altagracia region of the DR.

Since becoming the Dominican nationwide flower in 2011, there has been boost in initiatives to maintain this tiny national treasure.



One the the most common flowers to see when you room walking approximately is the coralillo.

These shining flowers prosper in clusters and are regularly red, though your colour can range through orange and also yellow to virtually white. They grow in humid environments, and also made their method over to the Caribbean from their aboriginal India.


Flor de Mantequilla

Flor de Mantequilla means ‘butter flower’, and also is a darling yellow flower the grows on a dry vine. The is native to Brazil and can also be get an impression in warmer components of the joined States.

This plant is recognized by a few other name too: golden trumpet, common trumpetvine, yellow canary, and yellow allamanda.



An intriguing little plant, the morivivi gets its name from its ability to dry its petals ~ above touch.

When it curls increase it resembles a dying flower, but then comes earlier to life again on reopening. The surname combines the Latin for dice ‘mori’ and also live ‘vivi’ to show the flower’s clever illusion that resurrection.

This adaptation is believed to defend the morivivi from prying predators and save water once it requirements to.

This purple-pink flower has actually an unusual, exotic look that reminds me of a magic fairy garden.



This colorful red flower grow on the Framboyan, or royal Poinciana, tree. This flower is assumed to have originated in Madagascar, and also now flourishes extensively in dry climates.

It does particularly well top top this island, where it is Haiti’s nationwide flower – flamboyant in French.

The framboyan has special spirituality significance, due to the fact that the red flower are thought to have actually been coloured by Jesus’ sacrificial blood.

It additionally symbolises an ext general spirituality beauty and also peace, perhaps because of its wide-reaching branches that provide excellent shade.

Go, explore!

These are, that course, only a few of the exceptional tropical flowers that we are blessed to have in the Dominican Republic.

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If you save an eye out, friend will uncover a huge variety of beautiful flower to enjoy, many of which thrive wild top top the island.

The colours of the flower really space spectacular, lock decorate the streets and parks choose fairy lights!

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