What go Sydney mean?


▼ as a girls" surname (also offered less commonly as boys" name Sydney) is express SIHD-nee. That is the Old English origin, and the an interpretation of Sydney is "wide island". Likewise possibly location name: Saint Denis. Sidney is favored together a surname for boys, and also Sydney is virtually entirely provided for girls, probably due to influence in the 1980s indigenous madam/celebrity Sydney Biddle Barrows.STARTS/ENDS with Sy-, -ney

ASSOCIATED v old english, saint


VARIANTS Cydney▼, Cydnie, Sidnee, Sidney▼, Sidnie, Sydel, Sydelle, Sydnee▼, Sydni▼, Sydnie▼

RELATIONS VIA SIDNEY Siddeny, Sideny, Sidni

MASCULINE forms Cyd, Cydney, Sidney

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) middle NAME PAIRINGSSydney Ashlynn (S.A.), ..

How famous is Sydney?

Sydney is a an extremely prominent first name for ladies (#1011 the end of 4276, height 24%) and also a very prominent surname because that both adults and also children (#35797 the end of 150436, peak 24%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Sydney reached its highest position of #23 in the U.S. In 2002, and is in ~ #165 currently. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which variation is better?

Cydney, Sidney (#1130 IN 2018), Sydelle, Sydnee, Sydni and Sydnie space the prominent different forms that Sydney (#165) appearing in the peak 2000. These forms of Sydney reached the optimal of their popularity in the year 2000 (MEDIAN #716) and have end up being significantly less popular since (#1613, ▼83.7%).

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Similar Names

Sydney▼ is alike in pronunciation to Cidney and also Cydnee. Other suggested similar-sounding names room Addey, Adley▲, Audrey▲, Bianey, Bonney, Bridney, Briney, Cadey, Codey, Cordney, Dabney, Danney, Dodey, Hedley, Honey, Janey, Janney▼, Jenney, Jodey, Kodey, Kordney (see Courtney), Kyley, Ladey, Lainey▲, Laney, Lynley, Lynnzey, Marney, Rainey, Rayney, Romney, Sade▼, Sadee, Sadye▼, Saidey, Sanny, Saydie, Selbey, Shanay, Shanea, Shanel, Shaney, Shantey, Shene, Sherey, Shone, Sidony, Signe▼, Sindy, Sinty, Sissey, Sivney, Sokey, Stacey▼, Stasey, Stevey, Stine, Sudie▼, Sukey, Sunnee, Swanny, Sybel, Sydell, Sydona, Sydonah (see Sidonia), Sydonia, Synda, Syndee, Syndie, Syndy, Taney, Tawney and Toney. This names have tendency to be less typically used 보다 Sydney.