Phosphoryl Oxychloride is a colorless liquid having a chemical formula of POCl3. The is likewise known together Phosphoryl chloride. The molecule is consisted of of one Phosphorus atom, one oxygen atom, and also three chlorine atoms. POCl3 is widely supplied in phosphate esters production and as a dehydrating agent in the Bischler-Napieralski reaction. In this blog post, we will look in ~ the Lewis structure, molecular geometry, and also shape of the molecule. 

Name that moleculePhosphoryl Oxychloride  (POCl3)
No the Valence electrons in the molecule32
Hybridization that POCl3sp3 hybridization
Bond Angles109.8°
Molecular Geometry that POCl3Tetrahedral 


POCl3 Valence electrons

To identify the Lewis structure of any kind of molecule, we an initial need to understand the total number of valence electrons because that the molecule. The electrons the are existing in the external shell are dubbed valence electrons. This valence electrons participate in shortcut formation.

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For finding the end the total number of valence electrons because that POCl3, we discover the valence electrons of all the atoms.

Phosphorus has five valence electrons.

Oxygen has actually six valence electrons.

Chlorine has seven valence electrons, yet as there space three chlorine atoms, we will certainly multiply the number by 3.

Total variety of valence electron in POCl3 – Valence electron of phosphorus + valence electron of Oxygen + valence electron of chlorine

= 5+6+7*3

= 32 valence electrons

Thus, POCl3 has actually 32 valence electrons.

POCl3 Lewis Structure

The Lewis framework of any molecule helps know the arrangement of atom in the molecule, its shortcut formation, and the valence electron participating in developing bonds. The valence electrons that take part in forming bonds are called bonding bag of electrons, vice versa, those that perform not form bonds are referred to as lone bag of electrons. Right here we will certainly look in ~ the Lewis structure of POCl3 to further determine its molecular geometry, link angle, and shape.

Phosphorus atom will be put in the center as it is the least electronegative the end of every the atoms. Rest all chlorine and oxygen atoms will be placed about this main atom.

Chlorine atom needs one valence electron to complete its octet; hence it will certainly share one valence electron the phosphorus. Therefore there are three solitary bonds formed between Phosphorus and also Chlorine atoms.

After creating bonds with Chlorine atoms, the Phosphorus atom is currently left through two unshared valence electrons as it has actually shared 3 out of 5 electrons v chlorine. Oxygen calls for two valence electrons to finish its octet. 

After sharing three valence electrons with chlorine, the Phosphorus atom has eight valence electrons in its external shell. Yet as the belongs come Group 15 on the periodic table, it can share every its 5 valence electron to obtain a steady structure. In this molecule, phosphorus will share its remaining electrons through Oxygen by forming double bonds. Together there are double bonds formed between Phosphorus and also Oxygen atoms, every the atoms now have a finish octet. 

Thus, phosphorus forms three single bonds with Chlorine atoms and one twin bond through Oxygen atom. 


POCl3 molecular Geometry

In Phosphorus Oxychloride, the central atom develops bonds with four atoms – three chlorine atoms and also one oxygen atom. All the atoms room arranged as much as possible from each various other to minimize the repulsive forces among the bonding bag of electrons. According to VSEPR theory, the molecule adopts a geometry to keep these repulsive pressures at a minimum. POCl3 has actually a tetrahedral molecular geometry as the central Phosphorus atom is forming bonds with four atoms. 


POCl3 Hybridization

The hybridization of one atom in the molecule can be figured out by looking at its steric number. For this molecule, we will certainly look at the phosphorus atom’s hybridization together it is in the main position.

Steric number – number of atoms attached + variety of lone pairs

For phosphorus, the atom develops bonds with 4 atoms and also has no lone bag of electrons.

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= 4+0


As the steric variety of the Phosphorus atom is 4, it has actually sp3 hybridization. The atom demands to have 4 hybrid orbitals come accommodate all the electron pairs. Hence, POCL3 has actually sp3 hybridization.


POCl3 shortcut Angle

When us look at the AXN table to identify the molecular geometry and also bond angle of the given molecule, we have the right to see the the phosphorus creates bonds with 4 atoms and also has no lone pairs of electrons. Thus it is similar to AX4, whereby A is the central atom and X is the variety of atoms forming bonds with the main atom. And also as it has actually a tetrahedral shape, it has bond angles of 109.8, return it can differ a bit because of the double bond in the molecule. 


POCl3 Shape

The shape of the Phosphorus Oxychloride is tetrahedral. Together all the 4 atoms space arranged in symmetry around the phosphorus atom, the shape is no distorted and is i ordered it in a tetrahedral shape. 

Concluding Remarks

To summarize this article, we have the right to say the following:

There room 32 valence electrons because that POCl3 that take part in developing bonds.Phosphorus forms three solitary bonds with 3 chlorine atoms and a twin bond with an Oxygen atom.Phosphorus has actually sp3 hybridization in this molecule.The bond angle are about 109.8°, and also the molecule geometry that this molecule is tetrahedral.