To calculate the geometric mean enter values in the input box by utilizing our Geometric median calculator.

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Geometric typical Calculator

Geometric mean is a form of average or median that shows the main tendency or usual value that a collection of offered numbers.

Geometric median is characterized as the nth source of the product that the n devices in a data set.

Geometric mean is a kind of typical of a collection of numbers the is different from the arithmetic average. Geometric median is calculated because that sets of optimistic real numbers. This is calculate by multiplying all the number (call the variety of numbers n), and also taking the nth root of the total.

Geometric mean is offered in the situation when detect an typical for set of number presented as percentages.

The geometric typical is an median that is valuable for to adjust of positive numbers that are interpreted according to their product and also not their amount (as is the situation with the arithmetic mean) e.g. Rates of growth. The digital Geometric median Calculator is advantageous in calculating the geometric mean for the given collection of numbers.

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Example: calculation the geometric typical for the given set of numbers. 25,56,85,71,4,12,3,2,5

Solution: Apply Formula: Geometric typical = ((X1)(X2)(X3)........(XN))1/N N = 9 1/N = 1/9 1/N = 0.111 Geometric typical = <(25)(56)(85)(71)(4)(12)(3)(2)(5)> 0.111 Total Numbers: 9

Geometric typical = 13.20001

Some examples of Geometric average in the adhering to Table.

Geometric average of 4/5 and 2 1.4
Geometric typical of 14 and 56 35
Geometric median of 9 and 12 10.5
Geometric mean of 7 and also 12 9.5
Geometric average of 6 and also 24 10
Geometric mean of 6 and also 16 11
Geometric average of 3 and also 7 5
Geometric mean of 4 and 7 5.5
Geometric median of 4 and also 8 6
Geometric mean of 25 and also 35 30
Geometric average of 9 and also 25 17
Geometric average of 2 and 32 17
Geometric mean of 14 and 20 17
Geometric typical of 6 and also 13 9.5
Geometric median of 9 and 16 12.5
Geometric average of 7 and also 11 9
Geometric average of 8 and 12 10
Geometric average of 3 and 12 7.5
Geometric average of 9 and 11 10
Geometric median for 4 and 25 14.5
Geometric mean of 6 and 12 9
Geometric median of 25 and also 35 30
Geometric typical of 20 and 25 22.5
Geometric mean of 2 and 8 5