MAARTE IN ENGLISH– This article will teach you aboutwhat maarte is in the English translation.

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What is the an interpretation of maarte in English? Also, just how to use words maarte in English sentences.

Maarte in English translation – an interpretation of Maarte in English

In English, the Tagalog wordmaartewas initially meant to explain someone who isartful or artsy.However, together time progressed, it is currently used to define a person who isnitpickyorpretentious.

There space a couple of indigenous that can translate intomaarte. However, the usage of these words relies on the context of the sentence; therefore, be responsibility of what friend write.

What is the definition of Maarte in Tagalog?(Maarte Kahulugan)

Angmaarteay tumutukoy tiyak o partikular sa mga bagay bagay.

Dagdag pa rito, ito ay maaari ding ihambing sa pagiging malikhain ng isang tao.

Maarte Synonyms in Tagalog (Maarte Kasingkahulugan)

Here room some synonyms ofMaarte in Tagalog.

MalikhainParkular sa mga bagaySinsitiboMapiliHindi makontento

Whatis Maarte in English?

Tagalog come English Translation

Tagalog come English translate into of the word Maarte.

The wordmaartecould be analyzed asnitpicky.

Maartecan be provided to define someone both positively or negatively. A person might be described as amaarteeitherartful or nitpicky.

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Maarte an interpretation In English (Nitpicky)

The wordnitpickyis used to define someone, especially a woman, who deserve to be picky or extensionpretentious.

Maarte Synonyms in English (Nitpicky)

Here are the common synonyms ofnitpicky.


Maarte in Tagalog instance Sentences

Here space the example sentences ofmaarte in Tagalog.

Sentences that Maarte in Tagalog
Yang babaengnapakaarte, partikular sa lahat ng bagay.
Ang mga fashion designer talaganapakaarte.
Alam mo si Victoria gusto niya ganito. Gusto niya ganyan. Angarte!
Ayoko sa mga babaengmaarte, gusto yung simpleng babae lang.
Akala mo naman kung sinong maganda, angarte-artepa!
Tagalog to English Translation sentence Using words Maarte

Maarte in English example Sentences (Nitpicky)

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Here are some example sentences in English (Nitpicky)

That lady is sonitpicky, she wants things to strictly conform to she liking.Fashion designers are allnitpickywith every the details of your creations.Victoria wants it choose this. She wants it like that. Sofinicky!I don’t desire ademandinggirl, what I prefer is a straightforward girl who is low-maintenance and also just goes with the circulation of things.She’s acting favor a pretty girl however look howfussyshe is!

What is the definition of Maarte in Tagalog?

Angmaarteay tumutukoy tiyak o partikular sa mga bagay bagay.Whatis Maarte in English?


What is the meaning of Maarte in English?

The wordnitpickyis provided to define someone, especially a woman, who can be picky or extensionpretentious.

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Summary that Maarte in English

In summary, us have discussed what is the translate in of the wordmaarte,meaning,kahulugan,kasingkahuluganin Tagalog, andsynonyms. We also listed example sentences in English and Tagalog.

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