What perform you look for in your following minivan to take v the Greensburg, Jeannette, and Delmont areas? Interior room is a given, that course, along with advanced technology. While it’s easy to emphasis on those aspects, you can’t afford to overlook efficiency and fuel economy; you want to spend more time top top the road and less time at the pump.

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One of the most efficient minivans top top the industry is the brand-new Dodge grand Caravan. While evade designed this minivan to have actually all the features one would expect, it yes, really shines in regards to fuel economy. Learn more about the Dodge cool Caravan miles per gallon rating, and discover if the going to meet your needs.

Estimated Fuel Economy


One that the biggest determinants impacting fuel economic situation is the engine. With the Grand Caravan, all three trim levels encompass the exact same engine, a powerful 3.6-liter V6 v 283 horsepower and also 260 lb-ft of torque. V that lot power under the hood, some chauffeurs may no expect much in terms of fuel efficiency.

The grand Caravan’s engine supplies a Flex Fuel system, however, that successfully boosts the Dodge cool Caravan’s miles every gallon more than you can think. Under optimal conditions, this minivan earns an EPA-estimated 17 MPG in the city and also 25 MPG ~ above the highway, because that a linked 20 MPG.

Unrivaled Efficiency

You recognize minivans can be difficult on gasoline, and also that’s why evade designed the grand Caravan with effectiveness in mind from the beginning. The an extremely shape that the car was crafted come maximize aerodynamics, producing less drag and resistance once cruising under the highway.

To enhance performance even further, the grand Caravan come equipped v stunning 17-inch all-season short rolling resistance tires. The developers behind these tires uncovered a way to do it less complicated for the engine to push them follow me without sacrifice their effective grip. With it being easier to roll, friend won’t have to burn as much gas come move.

Advanced Technology

The 20-gallon tank in the cool Caravan goes a long way to helping your fuel efficiency, however that’s simply a small detail, compared to few of the available integrated technology. The cool Caravan functions a built-in fuel economizer that was particularly designed to optimize fuel economy. No various other minivan in its course offers something favor that standard.

To activate this system, you just have to press the ECON switch on her console. It will certainly say ECON and also feature a gas pump v a small leaf alongside it. Once activated, her engine timing and transmission shift points will automatically be changed to for sure you’re getting the many out the every autumn of gas in your tank.

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Test journey the Dodge grand Caravan

The Dodge grand Caravan miles per gallon rating is definitely impressive, but that’s simply a taste of every little thing this minivan deserve to do. To find out more, you’ll need to discover a premium evade dealer in the Delmont, Jeannette, and also Greensburg locations that deserve to help. In ~ Hillview Motors, you’ll uncover all the latest grand Caravan models in our lot. Schedule your test drive today and learn what makes us the finest Dodge dealership in town.

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