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ns sometimes have actually weird creative thinking when looking at particular things. All I recognize is that sugar and also salt have a comparable color and the dimension of particles. Top top the various other hand, the taste and also texture are different.


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askedAug 6, 2020in Science+Technologyby Shavkat ● 12 ● 15 ● 96editedAug 6, 2020by Shavkat
* Salt granules are rougher and also exfoliate an ext vigorously whether sugar granules space softer on the skin and also their molecule are an ext gentle climate salt.* Salt are more abrasive while street is less abrasive.
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I agree. Having salt in the house have the right to be provided in so countless things. We have a heritage that it can offer luck to families. Lately, we space using iodized salt, which an ext refine.
commentedAug 9, 2020by Shavkat ● 12 ● 15 ● 96
Sugar is handle from a plant referred to as sugar cane, if salt wake up naturally and also it has a chemistry name and also formula. Salt can be offered in chemical reaction, while sugar cannot. Salt is used in cooking but sugar is less often use in cooking. 
answeredAug 6, 2020by akanetuk1 ● 4 ● 11 ● 61
I agree the salt deserve to react to chemicals. NaCl or salt is usually used in dextroses. It method it deserve to be offered to rise the metabolites in the body. Uneven glucose or sugar, we cannot consume it in a large amount because it can cause diseases, such together diabetes mellitus.
commentedAug 6, 2020by Shavkat ● 12 ● 15 ● 96
They room also very different chemically. Salt is comprised of sodium and also chloride and also is ionically bonded. Sugar, on the various other hand, is written of carbon, oxygen, and also hydrogen and has covalent bonds. A salt molecule is consisted of of one sodium atom and one chlorine atom.
It is nice come remember the old work of discovering chemistry. The chemical elements are fun to learn throughout my institution days.

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Salt and also sugar might look the same, but they obviously taste really different. They space also very different chemically. Salt is comprised of sodium and chloride and also is ionically bonded. Sugar, ~ above the various other hand, is composed of carbon, oxygen, and also hydrogen and also has covalent bonds.
They are far too similar should friend mistake one because that the other once sweetening her breakfast coffee or cornflakes! The difficulty is avoided by put one in a container plainly marked SALT and also the other in a bowl significant SUGAR!
well lock both beat import duty in ours food one make it sour and another do it sweet. Fine i deserve to say that salt is many used as compared to the sugar due to the fact that there are numerous catalyst which provide sweetness to the food
These space the common daily assets that we usage in ours every work activities. They exhibit specific characteristics together as:1.they space both crystalline2 they exhibition the effervescence aspect3.both can lug complications to health. 4.both include taste come food. 
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