There are many instances of problem within A Christmas Carol. Some are internal, whereby the character has actually conflicting feeling within self (Man vs. Self). Others space external, where a character has an debate or hit with another character (Man vs. Man). Over there might additionally be various other types: man vs. Society, or guy vs. Nature. Show an instance of both internal and external dispute from the story.

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Literary conflict in A Christmas Carol

Internal Conflict: guy vs. SELF

Scrooge visits his nephew"s Christmas celebration with the Ghost the Christmas Present, and also he experience the push and pull between his greed and also his old memory of joyous household time v his sister.

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Student Instructions

Create a storyboard that mirrors at the very least three develops of literary dispute in A Christmas Carol.

Identify conflicts in A Christmas Carol.Categorize each dispute as character vs. Character, personality vs. Self, character vs. Society, personality vs. Nature, or Character vs. Technology.Illustrate disputes in the cells, using personalities from the story.Write a brief description the the conflict listed below the cell.
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Grade Level 6-8

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Type of Activity: species of literary Conflict

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species of Literary problem Rubric for middle School
Create a storyboard that mirrors at the very least three creates of literary conflict from the story. Support your choices with evidence from the text.
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Conflict Identification
Student identifies disputes as directed and also labels them accurately in your correct categories.
Student misidentifies one conflict or contains it in an incorrect category.
Student misidentifies two or much more conflicts or contains them in incorrect categories.
Conflict Explanation
The storyboard text explains the certain example depicted, not simply a basic problem. The text clearly explains just how the example reflects the particular kind of conflict.
The storyboard text defines the particular example depicted, yet may absence clarity. Text may fail to fully explain just how the example reflects that particular kind of conflict.
Storyboard is missing text or consists of only partial and/or inaccurate information.
Storyboard Image and Effort
Student plainly shows initiative to convey the setting, characters and certain scene that the book. The scene is plainly identifiable based on the graphics depiction.
Student attempts to convey the setting, characters, and details scene through use that graphics, however the depiction might be confusing, disordered, or absence some detail.
Student walk not plainly convey the setting, characters, and scene.
Spelling and also Grammar
Student offers exemplary spelling and grammar. There room no errors.
Student renders one or 2 minor errors in spelling and grammar.
Student renders multiple errors in spelling and also grammar.
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