The slip sheet is wonderful alternative to heavy, bulky and also expensive plastic or wood pallets, and allow companies to eliminate the usage of pallets altogether. On slide sheets room thin pallet-sized sheets do of plastic, laminated kraft paperboard, or corrugated fibreboard, and also are supplied in commercial shipping. The same as a pallet, lock are placed underneath a load and are offered to push or traction the fill on and also off the platens of the press pull attachment.

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Slip sheets room becoming an ext and more popular as suppliers start to realise their potential because that return on investment. They offer a far-ranging number of benefits over pallets. The slip sheet has huge potential for price savings as well as productivity benefits for a company.

Unlike pallets, a slip-sheet is cheap sufficient to be thrown away after every use, and it doesn’t should be tracked or repaired. It likewise weighs much less than a wood pallet. Therefore, you have the right to load much more goods on slip sheets into the van or container, maximising the usage of an are and minimising shipping costs. That is very thin compared to pallets, acquisition up lot less space when stored.

Considered environmentally friendly, slip sheets are conveniently recyclable due to an increasing number of companies creating them from recycled materials.

To enable the use of slip sheets, a forklift truck must be fitted v a professional hydraulic push-pull attachment. A press pull attachment have the right to be easily installed on a forklift in just a couple of minutes.

UK-based material managing equipment manufacturer B&B Attachments specialises in attachments design and also innovation. The firm manufactures and also supplies push-pull attachments, along with a full range of managing solutions because that a variety of industries.

Specifically developed for dealing with slip sheets, the push Pull attachments from B&B, utilises a gripper bar i m sorry clamps down on the sheet and also pulls the pack onto the platens during the loading process. The driver deserve to then prolong the hydraulic pushing grate, while reversing the forklift, permitting the products to be discharged indigenous the platens and also onto the container or truck trailer.

This fork mounted attachment is easily linked to a typical forklift truck for efficient pallet-less handling. It can then be promptly disconnected to permit the forklift to return to managing pallets, ensuring the highest possible truck utilisation possible. It permits safe, productive taking care of of pallet-less products in applications such as beverage handling, general cargo handling, bagged goods, fruit and also corrugated crate handling. Capacities are easily accessible in 1600kg and 2000kg and are design with choices of fill push, press pull and push pull with sheet retention. Side shift is optional on devoted models.

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An different solution is the slip-on fork placed model. This model is designed for applications request the intermittent usage of a slip-sheet. This attachment can be equipment to the forklift’s initial forks in ~ minutes by the van operator, there is no the usage of specialised devices or hydraulic equipment. It can likewise be equipment to the truck through a pack backrest in place. It provides the perfect equipment for once a conventional lift truck needs to be converted to a slip sheet forklift.

For much more information about how on slide sheet dealing with with a Push-Pull attachment might improve your operation, call B&B Attachments www.bandbattachments.com or e-mail info