You want to feed your chickens well to offer them the best nutrition come live a happy life and to aid them be fertile egg producers. Girlfriend are also not a fan of security money on points that don’t matter.

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Is laying mash really that different from regular chicken feeding or will certainly your laying hen do simply fine without it?

Laying mash is a 16% protein, high calcium feed formulated to aid laying hens reach the higher levels of their egg laying ability, while producing well shaped egg with strong shells.

Laying mash is a 16% feed that is high in calcium

Laying mash is a 16% ground feed formulated for chickens that are starting to lay eggs or draw close egg laying age (even if they room not laying eggs fairly yet).

Laying mash is generally made from ground corn, soybean meal, a poultry mineral mix and a ground calcium.

Formulations that laying mash will certainly have various ingredients depending on where girlfriend live, approximately here, corn based rations are usual place. Of course, you’ll additionally have the choice of necessary or non GMO feeds.

The details ingredients don’t yes, really matter, as long as castle are balanced for the hens and also acceptable to you.

Some laying mash formulations room made through meat enjoy the meal or meat and bone meal

I have also seen a few laying mash formulations through meat meal or meat and bone enjoy the meal in them. I’m pointing this out due to the fact that some folks perform not want any type of meat byproducts in their laying hen’s ration.

While that is natural for chickens to eat animal proteins, they space omnivores, if you are not comfortable through this addition to your hens’ ration, be sure to review the label on her feeds carefully.

Here is a connect to Meat and Bone meal In Poultry Feeds, to define what is in the meat and bone meal so you have the right to decide for you yourself if the is an acceptable ingredient for her hens.

Here space a few of the egg from our hens. You deserve to see we have actually a range pack the breeds and get different egg sizes and also shell colors, together a result.

Laying mash will help your hen lay much more eggs

The factor you feeding laying mash to your hens is the by feeding laying mash you’ll provide them the nutrients that they have to produce more eggs per week 보다 they would without the mash.

When her chickens room poking around the garden for bits of grass and also bugs, her girls are getting a an excellent source that nutrients and also a wonderful selection in your diet, but are tho lacking sufficient calcium to reach optimal egg production.

Notice i wrote height egg production, by that I typical that the hens will certainly be producing eggs at the top end of their hereditary ability.

The top finish of your hen’s hereditary abilities, egg manufacturing wise, is the variety of eggs that she is an alleged to have the ability to lay per week as listed by the hatchery that you bought she from.

This is the number of eggs the she’s most likely to produce under great management. An excellent management consists of giving her the unique feed the she requirements to with her height abilities.

If friend don’t feeding laying mash your hens will still place eggs, just not as many.

Some hen will also have more problems v weird shells and also oddly shame eggs. While girlfriend will have a couple of oddly shaped egg occasionally, feeding the laying mash will assist the hen get through this phase faster.

Feeding laying mash appears to encourage onset that egg laying

We have also found in our birds, ducks together well, the if you put laying mash in v hens that are not laying, but should be, the laying mash appears to get them started laying. Seriously.

Of course, this just works if her hens room of laying age and they have enough daylight (low level of daylight tell the hen to alleviate egg production).

If you feel your hens must be laying and they aren’t, take into consideration breaking out the laying mash, it may be the only thing your girls are waiting on!

Feeding laying mash will store egg shells strong

The main benefit to using laying mash together your hens’ main feed resource is to store the egg shells strong.

Why are strong shells important? because that you, solid shells way that as soon as you gather egg they are able to take it a little jostling about without damage.

Eggs with thin shells are very easy come crack, especially if girlfriend have children helping friend gather. Egg with poor quality shells are also more likely to be misshapen.

Strong shells are an essential to flower eggs, together well. Even if the hen is act the hatching for you, those shells need to be solid to endure the setup period.

Strong egg shells aid prevent egg eat by other hens

A second, not so talked about reason because that needing solid egg shells is eggs that have actually weak shells can easily lead to egg eating.

When the shells are weak, periodically non existent (occasionally you’ll discover an egg that has actually membrane only, no hard shell), this is one egg that will break in the nest.

Eggs that break in the nest seem to encourage egg eating. This is a difficult habit to break, therefore you definitely don’t want the habit that egg eating to acquire started in your coop!

Roosters have the right to eat laying mash, as well

While the laying mash is produced hens, the rooster can eat the mash, as well. Roosters yes, really don’t require the mash, they would be well on more of a maintain feed, yet that’s going come be challenging to make happen.

Keeping the rooster out of the laying mash will need a different pen for him, i beg your pardon may result in other behavioral problems, for this reason it’s far better to simply let him eat the mash v everybody else.

An excited new chicken raiser, mirroring off her new pal!

Laying mash is not perfect for chicks

Laying hen require large amounts that calcium because that eggshells. Laying mashes commonly contain 2.5% come 3.5% calcium. Cultivation chickens require only 1.2% calcium in their feed. If you feeding high-calcium diets to cultivation chickens, kidney damage can result.

Feeding chicken For Egg Production, Dr. Jacquie Jacob, college Of Kentucky

It is not a an excellent idea to feed laying mash to all of your poultry, specifically young chicks.

First off chicks are likely to need a higher protein feeding to thrive well, closer to a 20% feed, and also secondly, the extra calcium in the laying mash can be difficult on the kidneys of farming birds.

Keep you chicks on a different feed till they room older and also ready to sign up with the laying flock.

Layer pellets have the right to be fed in location of mash

Some feed stores have a laying pellet, rather of laying mash, easily accessible for purchase. Be sure to double check the the pellet is because that laying hens, no all chickens or every stock.

As lengthy as the pellet has the essential protein portion (16%) and also you like the various other ingredients the are included into the pellet, this feeding laying pellets should be well for your hens.

Layer pellets have tendency to be an ext expensive to feed than laying mash

We perform not feeding laying pellets simply due to the fact that they are more expensive to purchase per pound than a laying mash. I execute not feel the extra money is worth the feeding coming in a pelleted form.

If you want to shot pelleted laying feed, walk for it. I can see exactly how it would be less likely to be dusty compared to laying mash.

I have actually seen/read somewhere the pellets are much less likely to it is in wasted by spilling, but since chickens space chickens, no matter what they space eating, i think they will certainly still spill several of their feed, no matter the formulation.

What I’m trying come say right here is that pellets might decrease feeding waste, but they will certainly not get rid of it.

Make your very own laying mash can not conserve you money

You deserve to make your own laying mash in ~ home. The record is the you’ll have to buy the mass ingredients, calculation the ration, and weigh, measure and also mix the feeding in a wheelbarrow or other sizable container.

Here is an short article of mine on making Your own Chicken Feed, if girlfriend are trying to find the simple ration.

In our area, we can get the different ingredients in ~ the feed mill climate mix the feeds us want. Every at a good price compared to buying premade feed.

What space the mass feed options in her area? You’ll need to price this out and also see. I have actually been to some feed stores where buying the ingredient in bulk was actually more expensive 보다 buying the premade!

What I’m hoping you’ll see below is the making your own chicken feed may not be the finest use of your money. You’ll need to run the numbers and see how it works through the prices of feed ingredients in your area.

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Here is an overview form article on feeding chickens that might be of interest to you Feeding chicken For Egg Production.