L"Oreal Frost & style is a hair dyeing product that allows you come highlight her hair in ~ home. The kit has a highlighting cap, plastic styling hook, mix tray, highlighting tool, lightening powder, creme developer, frosting safety creme, toning rinse, conditioning shampoo, gloves and directions. L"Oreal Frost and also Design allows you add glamorous highlights to your hair in a couple of simple steps.

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Test a strand of your hair to predict results and any health and wellness reactions. Place a towel approximately your shoulders and also chest to defend clothing and also skin indigenous dye. Put on the rubber gloves and mix a small amount of the powder with the developer in the mixing tray. Apply the mix come a strand of hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash and style her hair as usual and wait 24 hours. If there space no adverse side effects, you deserve to highlight an ext of your hair.

Put gloves on your hands and also the highlighting lid on her head. Pull strands the hair with the highlighting cap through the plastic styling hook.

Mix the remaining powder v the developer. Repaint mixture onto select strands the hair using the highlighting tool. Emphasis on strands of hair roughly your face to much better see her hair together you highlight it. Allow it to procedure for up to 20 minutes.

Rinse the dye from her hair in the shower. Work the toning rinse right into your hair. Wash hair with the air conditioning shampoo. Format as usual.

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