History >> American RevolutionArticles of Confederation - one agreement between the thirteen colonies to kind a single government under the United claims of America. It offered as the country"s first constitution.

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Bayonet - A tongue attached to the end of a musket.Bill the Rights - The an initial ten amendments to the constitution that guarantee the civil liberties of the individual.Colony - an area of land that is under the manage of a country, but not completely part of the country.Confederation - The team of thirteen says that joined together.Constitution - A set of documents and also laws that define the federal government of a country.Continental Congress - A group of delegates native each nest or state. It became the first governing human body of the United says of America.Continental army - The official military of the United states that was developed by the continental Congress.Declaration of Independence - A file which announced the the American swarms now taken into consideration themselves independent states and also they would certainly no much longer answer come the authority of an excellent Britain.
Democracy - A type of government that is ruled straight by the people.Federalist - A human being who sustained the adoption of the Constitution.Garrison - A military force that is collection to protect a ft or city.Haversack - A type of bag or fill that soldiers provided to bring their food.Hessians - Soldiers native the German soil of Hesse who pertained to fight in America.Legislature - A branch of government that has actually the strength to do laws.Loyalist - A human being in America who remained loyal come Britain and the king.Militia - Citizens who were ready to fight. They organized drills a couple of times a year and also had their own weapons and also gear.Minutemen - part of the Massachusetts militia the was ready to fight at a moment"s notice.Monarchy - A federal government where the power and also laws space made by a solitary person referred to as a monarch or king.Musket - A smooth boring gun v a long barrel that fired lead balls.Parliament - The key governing body of the brother government.Patriot - one American that wanted self-reliance from Britain.Powder horn - A hollowed the end horn with a cap provided to carry gunpowder.Ramrod - A long thin stick that pushed gunpowder under the barrel of a musket.Redcoat - A nickname for the british soldiers bring away from their bright red uniforms. Castle were additionally called lobster backs.Regulars - A surname that referred to British soldiers during the Revolutionary War.
Republic - A kind of autonomous government where world elect public official to stand for them.Revolution - The overthrow of a federal government to establish a brand-new system.Sons that Liberty - A team of patriots organized by Samuel Adams come protest the rubber stamp Act and also other actions of the british government.Stamp Act - A tax put on the American colonies by the british government. It taxation all species of document documents consisting of newspapers, magazines, and also legal documents.Tory - another name because that loyalists who sustained the brother government.Treaty the Paris - A contract signed by both the unified States and Britain that finished the Revolutionary War.Volley - once a large number the muskets is fired in ~ once.

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Whigs - one more name because that the patriots who fought versus the British government for independence.Learn much more about the Revolutionary War:
EventsTimeline that the American RevolutionLeading up to the WarCauses of the American RevolutionStamp ActTownshend ActsBoston MassacreIntolerable ActsBoston Tea PartyMajor EventsThe continental CongressDeclaration that IndependenceThe United states FlagArticles that ConfederationValley ForgeThe contract of ParisBattlesBattles the Lexington and also ConcordThe record of ft TiconderogaBattle the Bunker HillBattle of lengthy IslandWashington cross the DelawareBattle that GermantownThe fight of SaratogaBattle of CowpensBattle the Guilford CourthouseBattle that YorktownPeopleAfrican AmericansGenerals and Military LeadersPatriots and also LoyalistsSons that LibertySpiesWomen during the WarBiographiesAbigail AdamsJohn AdamsSamuel AdamsBenedict ArnoldBen FranklinAlexander HamiltonPatrick HenryThomas JeffersonMarquis de LafayetteThomas PaineMolly PitcherPaul RevereGeorge WashingtonMartha WashingtonOtherDaily LifeRevolutionary battle SoldiersRevolutionary battle UniformsWeapons and also Battle TacticsAmerican AlliesGlossary and also Terms
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