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Apothecary. who calls therefore loud?



Romeo. Come hither, man. I see that thou art poor:Hold, there is forty ducats: permit me haveA dram of poison, together soon-speeding gearAs will certainly disperse itself v all the veinsThat the life-weary taker may autumn deadAnd the the trunk might be discharged of breathAs violently together hasty powder firedDoth hurry from the fatal cannon"s womb.

Apothecary. such mortal drugs ns have; but Mantua"s lawIs death to any type of he the utters them.



Romeo. art thou for this reason bare and also full of wretchedness,And fear"st come die? starvation is in your cheeks,Need and also oppression starveth in thine eyes,Contempt and beggary hangs upon her back;The human being is no thy friend nor the world"s law;The human being affords no law to make thee rich;Then be no poor, yet break it, and take this.

Apothecary. my poverty, yet not mine will, consents.



Romeo. i pay your poverty, and not your will.


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placed this in any kind of liquid thing you will,And drink that off; and, if you had actually the strengthOf twenty men, it would dispatch friend straight.

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