These space the Joe Montana cards friend must think about if you’re in search of the his best rookie cards.

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Find Joe Montana Rookie Cards ~ above eBay

1981 Topps Joe Montana Rookie card #216


For all the large Joe Montana fans the end there, this card is one that they should consider. The a celebration event of his career approximately then, and there were just 2500 of these cards initially in the marketplace.

And v rarity comes a greater price tag. There’s also the autographs and a noting of each card, do each and also every among these 2500 cards distinct in its own right. On the card, there room four various portraits that Joe Montana that were produced by Vernon Wells.

Initially, this map was very popular and sought-after, specifically by 49ers fans and those who admired Joe Montana and his career. The collection also consisted of four various cards the Montana – each had actually a painting that was featured on this initial card, i beg your pardon acted together a type of a checklist for various other cards.

Get it if she a huge Montana fan, or if you favor to collect things with a minimal quantity and also you recognize that it can be a little of a difficulty to collect every one of the 4 cards on the image.

Find Joe Montana Rookie Cards top top eBay


How much is a Joe Montana Rookie card Worth?

Joe Montana’s rookie map can price anywhere in between $1000 and up to $10.000 or even more, depending giant on the quality of the map in question. A PSA 10 will virtually certainly be worth at the very least several thousand dollars, but that number will likely expand into the five-figure territory.

In poorer conditions, the map is much more easily attainable and likewise quite affordable. A PSA 7 or PSA 8 could fetch several hundred dollars, or maybe slightly more depending ~ above the market, too.

One thing’s clean though: Joe Montana’s rookie card is just one of the many expensive cards from the 1980s.

How do You call if a Joe Montana Rookie card is a Reprint?

It’s rather easy to spot a reprint. The very first clue should be if the card is graded or not – if that is, the near impossible that the is a fake. Then, additionally look for the card stock. If a card’s reprinted, climate the stock tends to it is in a bit shinier and it might even it seems to be ~ too great for the time it’s from. Observe various other visual ideas such together the color quality, corners, and surface.

What Year was Joe Montana’s Rookie Card?

1981. It to be the year the Topps exit the main Joe Montana rookie card, and Montana’s card was #216 in that details card set. Montana is one of the few players of that time that had only one rookie card.

Another amazing fact around this map is that it’s not from his year the debut v the 49ers, which taken place all the means back in 1979. Instead, they first released the card of this player only in 1981, which is now thought about to be his just rookie card.

Find Joe Montana Rookie Cards ~ above eBay

About Joe Montana as a Player

To start with, Joe Montana is one of the most leading quarterbacks of the 1980s. That is possibly the best legend in san Francisco’s background or one of the greatest legends in ~ least. The was initially drafted in 1979 after 4 years that college.

In his an initial season v the 49ers, Montana was viewed as a backup for more experienced players like Steve DeBerg. An exciting fact about this card is the it’s not from his rookie season, yet rather indigenous the 1981 Topps set when Montana was coming to be an created member the the team.

In 1981, however, Montana started every single game for the 49ers, coming to be quickly one of the finest quarterbacks in the league. And this trend was to continue, together Montana helped to four various Superbowl wins, including the one in 1981.

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During his time together a player in the NFL, Montana deserve a nickname of “The Comeback Kid”, i m sorry is a testament to his capability to transition games in the dying moments. He is today thought about to be among the biggest quarterbacks to ever before play the game, which is one of the key reasons behind the popularity of his rookie card.