University of Kentucky plan generally requires that all payroll transactions be sent out electronically via direct deposit, with rare exceptions. If you close your bank account, you should update your financial institution information. Should you have actually an extenuating circumstance that would require receipt the a "live" paycheck, you will require to finish the Business Procedure exemption Request Form and submit to the Payroll Office located at 340 Peterson organization Building.

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From the Employee Services summary page, click "Personal Information."
Click ~ above the "Personal Profile" link.

The next steps in the procedure vary slightly, relying on whether you are an present employee (who currently has direct deposit) developed OR if you space a (new) employee setup up direct deposit for the an initial time. Continue listed below if you just need come update existing financial institution information in myUK or click here if you are a brand-new employee setting up bank information for the first time.

Updated Process for Existing employees to Update/Change bank Information

Please note: As part of brand-new online defense measures, her existing financial institution account number will certainly not immediately display in myUK, despite you will watch the bank name and also routing number. If you desire to change bank accounts for direct deposit, you will need both her current financial institution account number and new bank account number. This requirement is plan to protect against potential hackers from viewing and/or updating your most crucial account information.

To change your existing main bank information, choose the "Add" icon, and also select "Main Bank."

The financial institution routing number is visible together with the bank name, but the account number is not displayed.

Enter the new bank info on the bank Data page. You re welcome note:Payee is the owner that the account.Bank routing number is the nine-digit number at the bottom the the check, located between the two "transit symbols" favor the instance below:Bank Control crucial identifies the account as a checking or save account. Get in 01 for Checking or 02 for SavingsYou must get in the account number because that the currently main financial institution account in order come validate the change. If you do not get in the present account number correctly, you will get an error message.Once the section is complete, click the "Save" button.


Once validated, you will view a post confirming the you have actually updated bank information successfully. You will additionally receive an email notifying you that an upgrade of your bank information to be completed through myUK.


​Adding a an additional (Other) Bank

If you already have straight deposit set up and wish to include or change a an additional (other) financial institution (to receive a portion of your paycheck via direct deposit), select "Other Bank" native the "Bank Information" menu of your an individual Profile. Otherwise, the process is the very same as the main financial institution instructions above.


Process for New Employees to collection Up financial institution Information because that the first Time

NEW main BANK: Enter the new bank information on the bank Data page. Please note:Payee is the owner of the account.Bank routing number is the routing number is the nine-digit number at the bottom that the check, located between the two "transit symbols" choose the example below:Bank Control an essential identifies the account as a checking or to save account. Get in 01 for Checking or 02 because that Savings.

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You will should click package to authorize the straight deposit.The default start day for your transforms to take impact is the next pay period. If girlfriend would like to hold-up the account coming to be valid, you may pick a date in the future by selecting "Valid From."Once you room done start your financial institution information, click "Save and Back" come finish. 

OR, brand-new OTHER BANK: ESS allows you come allocate her pay via direct deposit to one additional bank. Choose the "Other Bank" duty to do this. Monitor the steps over to enter your bank information. When adding a second bank, you might specify either a percent or a set dollar amount to it is in dposited.The default start day for your changes to take effect is the next pay period. If girlfriend would choose to delay the account becoming valid, friend may pick a date in the future by choosing "Valid From."Once you space done entering your financial institution information, click "Save and also Back" to finish.