Most human being do it in four. Yet some of united state aren’t as lucky- or are lot luckier, depending upon how you want to look at it. We’re the grandmas and also grandpas the the campus; we’ve been v it, we know, we’re old, and also we recognize it. And also most that us embrace it and may periodically use it against you if girlfriend think friend know an ext about our institution than us. I’m going come talk about an element of college the is rarely burned light top top – the 5th year senior.

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We’re always around but you could not always notice us. We’re finishing increase the final classes of our minors, we have actually one an ext year the athletics eligibility, or maybe we readjusted our significant 5 times prior to we discovered the ideal one. Every little thing the reason happens to be, we’re quiet here, and also we tend to paris under the radar much more than we had actually in previous year of undergrad.

We’re not exactly like the fourth years posting anywhere social media about how lot we can’t think it’s our critical year in college or just how excited we space for our last very first days the school. We’ve already done that with the civilization in our grade last year who, friend know, i graduated on time.

This year, we’re ever-observant yet especially silent, and also we go around our daily tasks with a new and practically satyrical outlook on college as we can watch every the current very first through fourth years enact best in front of united state the way we behaved because that the past 4 years of ours lives.

We probably feel awkward and out of location as a fifth wheel in the normally four-wheeled race of undergrad, but we mentally also out this awkwardness through dominance due to the fact that we have actually been here longer than all of you and therefore know more too.We’re no upset to it is in here- in reality we are likely an extremely happy to placed off the real people longer (which we are currently witnessing all of our near friends who have actually just graduated resolve and be consumed by) No, we’re no upset about being here; us love the reality that we can be sheltered by the warm and comfortable shield that undergrad for a little bit longer, however this year is much different than the rest and comes with a unique and also hilarious collection of adjustments and thought processes that aid us obtain through this incredibly odd time that life.

1. We’re as well old for this shit.

What shit? every shit. All the shit that you normal-four-year-interval university students do. Us don’t want to do it anymore due to the fact that we just feel also old. We try to go the end to parties and also immediately have the freshman questioning what year us are and also feel aer not learning whether to just blow it off and also say we’re seniors or tell them the fact that we’re 5th years and watch your eyes widen together they look at us like we’re Yoda.

And Yoda isn’t also a negative comparison actually; we are the older and wiser that the school. We have actually been there and also done that; we have actually been to every the parties and also done all the stupid things you males are doing, and now us are simply too old.

Let’s be honest though, we are still incredibly convincible to walk out. We still love to walk out. But we will more than likely complain at the very least a tiny bit about how old we feel, and also groan as soon as we see freshmen. We may attempt to convince you to go to a bar instead since that’s where we feel an ext comfortable.

2. We aren’t walk to do anything new. Don’t even try.

They say you can’t teach one old dog new tricks, and the very same thing goes with us. Trying to get us to join a brand-new organization or affiliated with a new group top top campus? Please. Us did that whole ‘trying new things’ thing throughout our very first four years of college. We aren’t interested, but thanks.

We stay associated in the things that we want to stay associated in, and also other 보다 that, us don’t care around your dance team or your save-the-planet club. As soon as we see a team of world wearing matching T-shirts every cheering and also taking part in a group activity, us feel slightly sickened and fondly reminisce on the days wherein that kind of point looked prefer fun.

After all, in this transition period that being a 5th year an elderly is, we are most likely focusing much more on what we are going to do AFTER college than trying to cave deeper right into college itself.

3. Every one of our friends in our grade graduated.

As nice as it is that we have the right to still live in the fantasy people of college while we tide at all of our friends in the real world as they move home, struggle to uncover jobs, and also basically have no idea what they’re doing with their lives, over there is one harsh reality here – we have no friends anymore. Us feel like loners without the same crew we had actually the very first four year of school. Of course human being have younger teammates, younger friends native other establishments we may have been connected in, or a few fellow fifth years, however our core college posse is gone and disbanded. University graduation is a really real thing, mine friends, and people seriously finish up almost everywhere the civilization after the shit. And 5th year seniors, well, we’re tho here.

4. The imminent real human being is much more real now.

It was constantly so distant and not actually something we had actually to think about, yet now we’re basically at the leaf looking end the cliff and also preparing to jump. We’re in reality weighing our alternatives now because that what to do after us graduate, and also we definitely have to due to the fact that our parents have actually probably cut us off pretty damn quickly after acquisition an extra year of university (sorry dad). We’re thinking around where to move and applying to jobs as we hear the fear stories of our peers trying to obtain their post-grad resides together. It’s simply a issue of time till we’re best there with you, friends.

5. We don’t want to fulfill you. You’re most likely annoying. Sorry.

No new friends is especially true for our fifth year kind. Us won’t be right here much longer and also meeting new people appears futile because we more than likely won’t recognize them after us graduate anyway.

I had actually a wide-eyed student in the first year come up and also introduce herself to me and also start talking about her experience on a sporting activities team and also how she is liking college. That’s great and all, and I remember when I was specifically like you, but that time is no longer. You will think its weird when you uncover out i’m a 5th year anyway.

6. This new feeling the not having actually FOMO for everything.

Personally, I have actually been recognized to have a horrible situation of FOMO. Perhaps my sorority (which ns am currently too old to it is in in) is having actually an event, or perhaps my friends room going come a party or one an adventure approximately the town. I am offered to feeling favor I am lacking out big time if I recognize something cool is walk on without me… and also even gaining a tiny case of anxiety as i curse my decision not to go. But, for some reason, this year has actually been different. Lately, once I decide no to attend a fun outing… i feel NOTHING. Sometimes, I even feel a small bit of happiness that i am comfortably in my bed rather of wherever my friends are.

This absence of FOMO is really brand-new to me, and really weird. Ns can’t decide yet if I favor it or not, yet I know I am constantly happy together a clam through my glass of alcohol on the couch instead of in ~ a party i would generally be longing come attend.

7. Everyone asks united state what we room still act here.

“Oh my GOD, what room you law here?! I assumed you graduated!!” …. No. Clearly not. This is something us fifth years are provided to hearing, and also we dislike it. We space lost and confused as well and aren’t really sure what we are still doing below either, and also do no appreciate all your questioning regarding why we didn’t get out in 4 favor everyone else.

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Being a super-senior is very unique time that college and also life, and if embraced, it can be one of the best.

Although ours friends from our grade have graduated and also people constantly ask united state why we room still here, in a slightly embarrassed yet proud fashion, we proceed to organize our heads high and also walk roughly campus choose we very own the place, because, well, we pretty much do.