$4.11 is the minimum 1948 quarter value. It is the underlining silver- price moving your coin come this level.



There is a possibility it is also higher. Let"s check for mint marks and most importantly the condition of her quarter. Very first the mint marks.

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Three various minting facilities, Philadelphia, Denver and also San Francisco, created Washington quarters in 1948. The 2 most an useful in the higher grades space the Denver and also San Francisco coins. The "D" or "S" mintmark, indicating the certain mint, is uncovered on the reverse.

Next space your coins in collectible condition? 1948 quarters room avidly seek by collectors and premiums room paid by dealers, when uncovered in "Uncirculated" condition. The picture to the side is an instance of a very desirable uncirculated quarter.

Images of various stages of wear are found below, examine if her 1948 quarter is precious a high price.

"1948-D" top top the coin worth chart is a Washington quarter minted in 1948 in ~ the Denver Mint.

The surrounding image is the the reverse, indicating the mintmark location. Evaluate condition and "Grade" is spanned next.

1948 Quarter worth is Conditional

The condition images room lined up to present the various stages that wear ~ above a Washington quarter. The descriptions define the "Grade" and highlight the ethereal details to consider.

Hopefully this reveals a higher grade and also your 1948 quarter worth is well above the minimum.


Uncirculated: Untouched because being minted and no wear on its surfaces, a 4 minutes 1 in this condition is avidly search by collectors and also dealers. Admittedly few survive this nice.


Extremely Fine: This quarter exhibits slight proof of circulation, however was placed away prior to to lot wear accrued. Research the hair and also you notification the details space gone. Likewise the roundness of Washington"s neck and also cheeks has actually smoothed the end somewhat.


Fine: Still a respectable coin in spite of moderate wear. The hair and also curls now show only major details. The neck and chin are worn to the allude of merging. But the rim and date are clearly separated.

Good: All the necessary details present but very flattened by wear. The top of the letter have begun to merge into the rim. A 1948 4 minutes 1 in this condition is worth the underlying silver bullion value.

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Date by DateIn Depth Washington 4 minutes 1 Value1932 to1948

















Date through DateIn Depth Washington 4 minutes 1 Value1949 to 1964

















Washington quarters Value

Check your coins v the values chart. The 1948 quarter value is tied closely to the price that silver. However, a few rare dates and mint marks was standing out, if discovered in high condition. Compare her coins come the grading images and separate climate by condition. Follow your coin"s value on the silver- charts, and check for rarely dates and mint marks.

More quarter Values

Including an ext relating to your 1948 quarter value. Easily discover how much your old coins room worth.

From Bust quarters to sit Liberty, Barber, standing Liberty and also Washington quarters. All collection include Grading photos to judge the condition of her coins and also coin worth charts.

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