The Lincoln coin is a classic hallmark the American currency. Having been developed for fine over 100 years, and with few of the many iconic imagery of any coin in the world, it is no surprised that lock are very sought ~ by collectors. V that being said, collectors are regularly disappointed to uncover out that the number of 1910 Lincoln pennies continuing to be is comparatively tiny to the full number produced. Together a result, over there is a mad scramble for collectors to obtain their hands on the absolutely many well-preserved pieces. This, however, is not always so easy.

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The Lincoln penny’s design is a bit different now 보다 it was in 1910. Earlier then, prefer today, the obverse side of the coin featured the increased profile image of Abraham Lincoln, among the most prestigious that all united state presidents. Arching overtop of Lincoln’s picture are the native “In God us Trust,” while words “Liberty” is inscribed come the left of the central image. To Lincoln’s right there is a raised marking for the 1910 year the minting.

As for the reverse, the main part the the confront features 2 inscriptions, one that claims “United states of America,” and one the boasts the one-cent challenge value the the coin. Arching over the peak are the Latin words “E Pluribus Unum.” top top either side of the turning back you will find two solitary stalks that wheat which are increased from the coin’s face.

Grading the 1910 Lincoln Penny

For collectors, the problem of a coin as old as the 1910 Lincoln coin is the the utmost importance. As such, the is no wonder that most surviving coins native this year have actually been graded. In essence, a great is the main certification ~ above the part of an expert which claims the coin’s condition. Listed below is a listing the the various grades and what they can mean for the 1910 penny.

Uncirculated: If you have an Uncirculated 1910 Lincoln penny, you will be in possession of a coin that never ever exchanged hands and also was kept in safekeeping directly from the day it to be minted. The coin’s confront will display absolutely no imperfections, also under close inspection. Appropriate away the is straightforward to check out why this coins room so valuable in the eyes of collectors.

Extremely Fine: The exceptionally Fine grade, in regards to a Lincoln penny, is provided to piece that can have invested a very limited amount of time top top the open market. Under very close inspection this coins will show some indications of wear, yet to the naked eye they will look largely pristine.

Fine: If a coin is figured out to be of good grade, this means that that will display some indications of wear, such as scratching and smoothing, yet will all at once look to it is in in decent shape. On this coins, few of the smaller engravings such as the Liberty inscription could be smoothed down to the suggest where they are difficult to make the end entirely.

Good: The good grade is provided to coins that have been worn down significantly thanks to their years and also years in circulation. Countless of the raised facets of the little 1910 Lincoln coin will have actually been jeopardized due to age and wear.

Pricing the 1910 Lincoln Penny

If you are wondering what you will pay because that a 1910 Lincoln, this is other that will coincide directly with the coin’s grade. V that being said, this coins are on the an ext affordable next of things and therefore perfect because that the beginning collector as also the most pristine item will no break the bank. Below is a chart listing what you could pay for a graded 1910 Lincoln penny.

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Lincoln Pennies

1910 Lincoln Penny$0.35$1$4$10
1910 Lincoln coin (S)$17$22$45$80
Source: Red Book

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