Guinea pigs space docile animals, and also rarely bite without cause. They often tend to "mouth" their owner while being held, just to watch if you’re edible! These space not hard bites, though, and also don"t hurt. It"s no aggression, just curiosity.

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Guinea pigs just use their this aggressively if they feel under hazard - they space their only method of defence. If her pet bites you because that real, it’s due to the fact that they’re fear of you. Teaching them that they don"y need be afraid, and that they deserve to actually suppose treats and affection from friend is what this cultivate is all about.

Guinea Pigs don"t normally use their this aggressively

How to avoid your guinea pig biting

You require to number out why her pet is biting in the an initial place. There room different possible reasons:


Do you odor of something that your guinea pig can be fear of, such together cats and dogs? undertake clean clothes and wash her hands prior to you pick them up. It"s a an excellent idea to wear gloves - clean persons - come offer protection in situation the GP still wants to bite. Or maybe the GP is stressed, and also therefore afraid. Room they in a according to place? do they feel endangered by other pets, according to children, or noisy family appliances?


Another thing that reasons a GP come bite is if it"s in pain. Space you holding too tightly? Is the guinea pig ok or injured? offer them a quick health examine to see if they must visit a vet. If they have the skin an illness mange, it can make dealing with painful for them, and also they have actually no way of telling you not to choose them up other than biting.

Calls of Nature!

It"s possible that her guinea pig wants to be put down since it needs to walk to the bathroom and also can"t wait! In this instance it may nibble irritably on her hand come let girlfriend know. When you put your guinea pig down, clock it to check out if this is without doubt the case.

Living Conditions

Another feasible reason for a guinea pig biting is to carry out with the animal"s environment. If it chews that is bars every the time, it can indicate loneliness. If you only have one guinea pig, then even if you’re the most affectionate owner in the human being then it will still be lonely without a guinea pig companion. Alternatively, it might be due to the fact that you haven"t cleaned out the hutch and also the pet is obtaining stressed by the soiled bedding.

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Another potential cause, amongst male GPs, is testosterone. If if your guinea pig isn’t neutered, he may turn aggressive. You could want to think about neutering him, yet need to be conscious that this is actually no guarantee the he will adjust his behavior.