Laurence Fishburne leaving 'CSI' prior to Season 12 If the newly announced move to Wednesday wasn"t negative enough, "CSI" is now without a command actor (again), as Laurence Fishburne announced the he will certainly not it is in returning for the series" twelfth season.

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After two and half seasons top top CBS’ procedural staple CSI: Crime scene Investigation, Laurence Fishburne has chose not to return to the flailing series as it starts its twelfth season this fall.

Initially contracted for a solitary season, Fishburne’s exit does not come together a huge surprise, together the famed actor purposefully requested that his contract renewals with CSI be restricted to a single season in ~ a time. When this contractual element was most likely applied for the function of enabling Fishburne come pursue various other endeavors, that is not recognized whether another duty was the factor for that leaving – but the downfall the the once famous CSI certainly didn’t help.

Ever since collection mainstay william Petersen left the collection in 2008, CSI has had actually trouble maintaining the big audience that it when garnered. Through CSI season 11 drastically declining in the ratings, CBS do the decision to relocate the collection from that is long-time Thursday night timeslot because that season 12 and replace it v the upcoming Jonah Nolan collection Person the Interest.

No statements have been exit from Fishburne or CBS, however Deadline is reporting that a producer top top the collection wasn’t too surprised come hear the news that Fishburne leaving: "Nobody intended him to be on the show for 7 years, it"s Laurence Fishburne."

It’s been a long, hard road for CSI in recent years. While the notice of wilhelm Petersen leaving CSI might be referred to as the series" proverbial tipping point, things just grew much more troubling as the collection attempted to proceed without him. With numerous of the CSI’s familiar actors making your exit, either freely or by pressure (death the a character), CSI quickly came to be a covering of the collection that fans once clamored for.

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CSI Cast
In its present form, just three the the series" original actors members space still a component of the show – Paul Guifoyle (Captain Jim Brass), Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) and George Eads (Nick Stokes). If Fishburne’s personality on the series, Dr. Raymond Langston, finished last season gift accused of murder, that is at this time not well-known if Fishburne will certainly be returning in some kind to break up his character’s story-arc.

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