Dianey Does that Again…Chicken Little, Where’s your Mom??? Oh, and also a evaluation of Disney’s ChickenLittle…

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A couple of weeks ago, a well meaning aunt sent my children the DVD that “Chicken Little” – Walt Disney’s misguided 2005 effort to contend with Pixar. I’ve learned over the years to preview any kind of Disney flicks before showing them come the kids – add to I’m tho a geek and also a sucker for great animation. Therefore one evening i sat down to watch and also (surprise, surprise) in Disney’s version of the this fable, Chicken Little’s mom is dead. She was killed by Disney’s long-standing neurosis. (I have no doubt the Disney’s are afraid of Mom’s is listed in the recent DSM – a personality disorder of part sort).

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"My mom is gone! Disney took her!"

I an initial wrote about Disney’s seeming hate of Mom’s below (Granted, Chicken small was currently on screen yet he wasn’t in mine world…), and Chicken tiny is an additional feather in Disney’s ‘gratuitous offing the mom’ cap.

Here’s the thing: as soon as my kids watch Bambi, I regularly skip the step where mother is killed. Guess what? The children don’t notice. Even more importantly, ns (as one adult who has watched a most films), don’t think it yes, really affects the plot. Seriously, Bambi could have simply grown up and left home.

Back come Chicken Little. Mom is dead because…? There room a couple of lines around “Your mom knew exactly how to attend to this type of thing lot better…,” yet as Bambi confirmed us, Mom might have lived and also the exact same drama would have existed.

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Is anyone the end there that works for Disney (or Dreamworks)? If you read this, phone call me (please), is over there some type of clause in the contract that states that you need to knock off mommy at the first possible opportunity? (It’s a real question…comment!)

Anyway (let’s pretend i don’t have actually a serious worry with Walt’s neurosis), the movie stinks – bad. Everything in the film stinks, the cloying characters, the sorry attempt at feeling (it’s together if they watched Shrek and also couldn’t traction it off…), the gratuitous violence, the convoluted and also confused plot, and the too-good computer animation (I get it, guys, you can make really cool computer-generated animation…neat).

Let me placed it this way, if you’re someone that slows under on the federal government to check out all the horrific details of a automobile wreck, watch this film…it’s that bad. Thanks, Disney, for an additional classic!