The six-horse stagecoach has been the enduring prize of Wells Fargo, among the most known global banking and financial services holding suppliers in the US. Although right now the primary Wells Fargo logo design is the wordmark on the red background, the stagecoach is still commonly used.

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Meaning and history


The Wells Fargo logo have the right to not be imagined there is no its above stagecoach and six horses, the ambled, i m sorry was very first introduced in 1852 and also stays with the financial framework today, simply in a little bit more contemporary execution. The agency didn’t have countless redesigns of its logo design throughout history, yet each the the two reflected vast progress and development of the American financial organization.

1852 – 2009


The initial version of the Wells Fargo logo design boasted a monochrome image of a six-horses prairie wagon, i beg your pardon was very common in the American Wild West. The emblem was very detailed and also professionally executed, and had a wordmark inserted under it, be separate by a thin black color horizontal line.

The Wells Fargo nameplate in all resources was composed in a interlocutor serif typeface, i beg your pardon looked sleek and confident, having actually each the its letters solid and also strong.

2009 – 2019


The require for the brand-new logo showed up in 2009, after ~ the Wells Fargo merger v Wachovia. Over there were 2 emblems created for the company, and they can be offered together or separately. The an initial part made up a solid dark red square through yellow lettering set on 2 levels. The engraving was executed in a traditional and also stylish serif typeface through its serifs enlarged.

As because that the second part, it was a colorful and also ornate image illustrating an top stagecoach and also horses. The emblem was complemented by a “Together we’ll walk far” motto the the company. That was composed in red, over the horses.

2019 – Today


The current version of the Wells Fargo logo design was designed in 2018 and practically repeats the vault one, just has actually its logotype in white and its letter lines thicker. Together for the graphical component of the visual identity, the iconic prize is now attracted in yellow, without extra details, and also the slogan was likewise removed, to make the logo much more laconic and stylish.

Stagecoach Emblem


Taking into consideration the part the stagecoach played in the company’s business historically, it was only organic to develop the logo around this symbol. The current corporate logo design is the painting produced by classical illustrator man Rush. It can be provided either in complete color, or in black and also white. To make a strong brand statement, stagecoach photography can be used.

Primary symbol


Although the historical emblem is meaningful and distinctive, that looks a bit dated in the modern-day world the minimalistic, sleek logos. To make points worse, that is difficult to attend to in both print and also digital media.

So, in 2008, the company adopted a much easier logotype based on its two-lined wordmark. The surname of the company in yellow is inserted in a red square.


When the square logo design was introduced, it led to a large uproar in the industry, together red and also yellow were not viewed as ideal for a financial school – they were too lively and bright. In the reason of time, though, everyone gained used come the combination.



The clear serif typeface featured on the Wells Fargo logo belongs to the font family referred to as Arsher. Arsher is a mix of 2 font styles: Antiques and also Geometrics.

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In the official brand guidelines, Wells Fargo mentions the two-color (yellow and red) logo as the desired option. Here, the lettering is yellow (close to hex: #FFFF00), while the background is red (close come hex: #CD1309).