There space 23 remainder stops along the brand-new Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway: big, small; modern, outdated; fancy, no-frills. Plainly identified by big blue highway signs, they may look the same, but they're every different.

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Earlier this month, Eater go a ranking of rest stops top top the new Jersey Turnpike. Quite job, however we favor our ranking, occurred last August and also recently updated. We spent three days last August control up and also down both the Parkway and also Turnpike, evaluating each rest protect against according to cleanliness, food alternatives and all at once experience (three remainder stops space not in the rankings due to the fact that they space convenience shop and/or gas train station only).



MP 153 (southbound), Garden State Parkway. The rock bottom of rest stops -- lifeless, cheerless, with a sad-looking food court area. A sign advertised "veggi'' wraps, no to be confused with "veggie'' ones, apparently.


MP 145 (northbound), Garden State Parkway. You'd better like McDonald's, since that's the just food option right here (I'm not counting snacks in the vending machine). The couple of tables exterior seem to beg because that attention, and this rest protect against is begging, period.



MP 92.9 (southbound), new Jersey Turnpike. Good luck finding a parking spot roughly lunchtime; the reminded me the a Jersey mall three days prior to Christmas. Blah tile floors and outside picnic tables collection on a concrete patio. If I'm heading home and also need gas, I'll run on the Parkway and also fill up at Cheesequake or Monmouth, where the lines move quicker.

MP 76 (both directions), Garden State Parkway. A bare-bones rest prevent devoid that personality, color, style, anything. There's a burger King, Starbucks and also Sbarro, but you can uncover those anywhere. Top top the various other hand, girlfriend can find Turnpike logo-ed glasses and mugs at 50 percent off.

MP 116E, 115.5 W, brand-new Jersey Turnpike. You desire to know where the truckers park? right here, whereby dozens that rigs include a details Jersey ambience. The food concession area is cramped, the water spring is lukewarm (that's gift kind) and also there's no info inside the main entrance, together at other rest stops, on the guy many speak to the biggest football coach ever.

MP 111.6E (southbound), new Jersey Turnpike. sufficient with the gnomes already; the plush numbers run rampant at most of the remainder stops. Is this a warm trend i missed? same gunmetal-grey furniture, v purple seat (who chooses this colors, anyway?). Its name is Alexander Hamilton, however -- come paraphrase Lin-Manuel Miranda -- this remainder stop has actually thrown far its shot.

MP 100 (both directions), Garden State Parkway, possibly the best candy choice of any rest stop, but not much else stands the end here. Also, the railing external the entrance needs to be bolted down or replaced; it's one accident waiting to happen.

MP 58.7 (southbound), brand-new Jersey Turnpike. requirements an review -- look, color, floor, everything. One bright spot: T-shirts v names the dozens of Jersey towns inside the state map. A steal for five bucks each!

MP 78.7 (northbound), brand-new Jersey Turnpike. The tables and chairs look prefer refugees native a garden sale, and also there's nothing around the poet Kilmer at the entrance. Yet there is a popcorn maker in the market, and a Nathan's outside.

MP 30.2 (southbound), brand-new Jersey Turnpike. Nathan's and also Carvel's do for a decent dual bill, but the brick floor demands replacing. Quickly the coldest rest stop; the air-con was cranking as soon as I stopped.

MP 18.3 (both directions), Garden State Parkway. not a true rest stop favor the rather -- there's no separate food concession, although you have the right to grab a warm dog -- but it earns the ranking because of the tourism details center, one of the finest I've seen all over in the country. If there were great food options here, this would be a top 5 rest stop.

MP 71.7 (southbound), brand-new Jersey Turnpike. Arthur Treacher's is tho around? They're here, anyway, in addition to Roy Rogers -- perfect for your retro fix.

MP 5.4 (southbound), new Jersey Turnpike. The walls require touching up, but at least the tables and also chairs are different -- castle reminded me that my 4th grade classroom, in a an excellent way. Love the "Made in the Freakin' USA'' coozies in the market.

MP 171 (both directions), Garden State Parkway. It's choose stepping within a Jersey mall, v concessions and kiosks in a circular skylit concourse. Bonus points because that the Dunkin' Donuts, the only one at any kind of Turnpike or Parkway rest stop.

MP 124 (both directions), Garden State Parkway. The granddaddy the Jersey rest stops, situated at the crossroads of brand-new Jersey, the only location where the Turnpike and also Parkway cross. I love the huge open an are here, with food concessions at the edges.

MP 5.4 (northbound), new Jersey Turnpike. Sometimes, it's the little touches that make a huge difference. Choose the ledges over the men's room urinals, to place that backpack or tablet. Or the serious selection of popcorn and also nuts in the market.

MP 39.4 (northbound), new Jersey Turnpike. The "Last the the Mohicans'' author may be scandalized to uncover the rest stop named after that is simply well-known as "James Cooper'' (no relationship to Gary). Still, among the much better ones, and any rest protect against with a Popeye's gets bonus points indigenous me.

MP 41.4 (both directions), Garden State Parkway. dig the stunner furniture! 50s-style tables, chairs and also banquettes somewhere in between the Jetsons and Norwegian grammar school, and also a welcome change from the bland industrial-grey furniture at other rest stops. The unavoidable Starbucks/Burger King combo is here.

MP 92.9 (northbound), brand-new Jersey Turnpike. A casualty of Hurricane Sandy, this rest stop, which reopened critical November, is architecturally striking exterior -- a soaring facade memory of an airline terminal -- and bright and inviting inside. One much more difference: the update & Co. Food concession, with fresh-made sandwiches, salads, burgers.

MP 58.7 (northbound), new Jersey Turnpike. A squeeze-your-own orange juice machine? What is the remainder stop civilization coming to? It's not the just reason why WW is in ~ the height of this rankings; glowing lighting, hardwood floors in the refreshing & Co. Area, a Carvel's, and 60-plus type of liquid stored old-school layout in jars add up come rest prevent nirvana.

We exclude, three plazas from consideration: Colonia North, Colonia South and also Brookdale North, all on the Parkway, and also all consists of a gas terminal and/or convenience keep only.In the listings, "MP"" means milepost. On the Parkway, mileposts carry out not constantly line up with exit numbers; Vauxhall, because that example, is in ~ milepost 145 but between exits 140 and also 141.

It's hard to live in new Jersey without spending some time on one of two people the Parkway or Turnpike. And also that means rest stops, too. What's your favorite and also least favourite rest avoid on either highway? let us well-known in the comments section.

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