Most Honda vehicles have actually an indicator irradiate on the dash that is yellow and shape the a wrench. The wrench irradiate on Honda vehicles indicates nothing serious. You don’t have actually to problem when you watch this light on the dash of your car because it’s simply a maintain reminder light.

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What exactly does the wrench light mean?

The wrench light on Honda turns on automatically when the oil life get 15%. And, it remains on till you reset the oil life. “Oil” mentioning below is the motor oil, i m sorry is the most commonly serviced maintenance item. The oil life is determined based on not only mileage and time since the critical oil adjust but also how you drive the vehicle. For example, if you mainly drive in a city because that a quick distant frequently, the oil life reduces an ext quickly 보다 the vehicle mainly thrust on a highway. The car computer monitors the sensors, collect the information, and also reduce the oil life accordingly.

How to clear the wrench light and reset the oil life

After you change the oil, you need to reset the oil life come 100%. It doesn’t reset automatically. Once you reset the oil life, the wrench irradiate is likewise cleared and disappeared. Right here is exactly how to reset the oil life.

Turn the ignition come ON positionPress the Select/Reset knob or button until the oil life is displayed on details displayPress and also hold the Select/Reset knob or button when the oil life is presented on information display screen until the oil life starts blinking.Press and also hold the Select/Reset knob or button again when the oil life is blinking till the oil life readjust to 100%

Additional information around maintenance message

The information display screen shows a code together with the oil life. The password is a mix of alphabet (either A or B) and number(s) 1 through 6. Every alphabet and also number has actually the complying with meaning.


For example, once the information display says, “A13 OIL LIFE 15%”, it method an oil change, tires rotation, and transmission fluid adjust are due.


The wrench light on Honda vehicles is simply a maintain reminder light. The light is a component of Honda’s maintenance reminder system. The system likewise shows the oil life and other maintenance schedules. The mechanism doesn’t just use time and mileage to recognize the oil life and maintenance schedules but likewise information on just how you drive. It might be vital to monitor the maintain schedule particularly if your vehicle is under warranty.

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