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In your example $x*y$ is being defined to mean the binary operation: $x+y+xy$. (Presumably for this reason you have the right to solve part problem around such a binary operation.)

In one more problem you can be told $x*y$ method something else. Or in basic we can say "Let $*$ be a binary operation" and we won"t understand anything around what $x*y$ is; just that that is part binary operation.



In binary logic $+$ refers to OR and also $cdot$ refers to AND.

You could additionally use alternate notation $xlor ylor(xland y)$ however it is tantamount to basic $xlor y$ or $x+y$ in the origninal notation.

Assuming the is really a reasonable operation, I do not see the objective of defining $*$ if that is the very same thing as $+$ or possibly this is th epurpose that the practice to show they room the exact same rules.

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Anyway, I periodically saw $*$ being supplied for NAND i.e. $lnot(xland y)$ or $(xy)"$ in both notations.

But this is not the instance here, room you details about the an interpretation of $x*y$ ?


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