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Auto A/C and also the S : snowflake slow????I"m in ~ 9500 miles now and I quiet can"t figure out if there"s a noticeable difference with the auto a/c snowflake lit or not. I"m in freezing temperatures therefore it seems ridiculous. But it automaticly kicks on come **remove humidity from the air***????Anywho. Does the condensor actually stay on as soon as that symbol is lit? and most importantly, is everyone noticing a distinction in performance v it on?Did a search.TIA
Don"t have actually auto air on mine MCS however we do have it on our Honda CRV and also Accura MDX.if you put the windscreen setup on as soon as the temp is cold it supplies the a/c come dehumidify the airflow. It could have a tiny parasitic impact on the MINI however if you can"t check out out that the windscreen girlfriend are probably not going too fast anyway .As soon as the is clear and the temp rises within the auto the a/c should reduced out.
I"m in ~ 9500 mile now and I quiet can"t number out if there"s a noticeable distinction with the auto a/c snowflake lit or not. I"m in freeze temperatures for this reason it seems ridiculous. However it automaticly kicks on to **remove moisture from the air***????

Yep, that"s what air conditioning does. Dehumidifies the waiting & keeps home windows from fogging up. This is the default actions of the auto climate control, but you have the right to push the snowflake switch which will revolve off the a/c while quiet leaving the mechanism in auto mode. The device will remember the you have turned off the a/c even after girlfriend shut the auto off. It will only turn the a/c earlier on if girlfriend switch out of auto mode and then switch back to auto mode.

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I doubt you average compressor, due to the fact that the condenser has no moving parts
Most automotive a/c system have a temperature cutout which will certainly disable the a/c compressor at part temperature, usually around 40 deg F. The allude of this is to store the evaporator from freeze over, together attempting come chill already freezing cold air deserve to do that. So probably in the winter you will certainly not an alert any strength or fuel efficiency differences whether you have actually the snowflake button on or off because likely the compressor will be cut out anyway. As the weather warms up however, if the snowflake button is on, the device will activate the a/c compressor as needed to dry the air and also maintain cabin temperature.If the snowflake button is off, the compressor will not be set off no issue what. Friend can take into consideration this an economic climate mode.
You most likely won"t view a difference in winter because that the factors cited above but together the weather warms I"m certain you"ll be able to notification the difference in both power and fuel economy.