Themes, symbols, and motifs come alive once you use a storyboard. In this activity, students will determine themes and also symbols native the story, and support their options with details native the text. With a storyboard, students deserve to track the well-off symbolism Poe provides throughout “The Masque the the Red Death”.

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The Clock

The clock is a representative that death’s inevitability. All the revelry stop at each hourly strike of the clock. This is a consistent reminder the our lives and our time lively is continually winding down. Each ghostly chime is death"s own countdown. That is likewise a reminder that guy cannot stop or sluggish down time, that continues and also waits because that no one. Its critical chime eventually represents death appearance and the finish of life. For this reason the clock strikes in ~ midnight and also the stranger appears, with midnight gift the symbolizing the end of life.

The Stranger

The stranger dressed as a plague victim is fatality himself. The personification of death lends come the template that in fatality there is true equality; both the poor and also rich alike will eventually succumb to death"s grasp.

The Rooms in “The Masque of the Red Death”

The Rooms

The rooms represent the step of life. The rooms start at the east and progress west, as a an allegory for the route of the sun. This associate the cycle of the day v the bicycle of a life: the morning is bear while night is the end of life and eventually, death. Every individual room and also its color has a symbolic meaning which also relates come the life cycle.

The stimulate of the life cycle additionally represents the path that Prospero takes come subdue his uninvited guest. As the Red fatality walks through each room, so does Prospero. In the end, Prospero die in the black room.

Age/Wisdom/Growing Older/Winter
Dusk/Dimming the Life/Extinguish
DeathRed WindowsRed is linked with blood; the vitality of life, and also the color of the Red Death

Template and Class instructions

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Student Instructions

Create a storyboard the identifies recurring themes in "The Masque of the Red Death". Illustrate instances of every theme and write a quick description below each cell.

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Click "Start Assignment".Identify the theme(s) from "The Masque that the Red Death" you wish to include. Create photo for an instance that represents this theme.Write a summary of every of the examples.

Grade Level 6-12