What go Zoie mean?


as a name for girls is the Greek derivation, and also the meaning of the name Zoie is "life". Zoie is a variant kind of Zoe (Greek).STARTS through Zo-

ASSOCIATED v greek, life


VARIANTS Zoya▲, Zowie, Zooey▼, Zoi, Zoey▲, Zoee

RELATED forms VIA ZOE Zoelie, Zoeline, Zoelle

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) middle NAME PAIRINGSZoie Estefany (Z.E.), ..

How well-known is Zoie?

Zoie is an abnormally occurring an initial name for females. Zoie is additionally an uncommon last surname for all people. (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Zoie was very first listed in 1995 and also reached its greatest rank the #553 in the U.S. In 2004, and is in ~ #844 currently. (2018 birth STATISTICS)



Which variation is better?

Zoe (#40 VIA latest LIST), Zoee, Zoey (#29), Zooey and Zoya (#1116) space the popular alternative forms the Zoie (#844) ranked in the top 2000. Various other variants, prefer Zoelie, are seldom used. Consumption of these connections of Zoie to be at its most widespread in the year 2012 (AVERAGE #862) and also is practically as conventional this particular day (#1004, ▼19.5%), but with the version Zooey coming to be less fashionable. Zoe, Zoey and Zoya are three the the an ext contemporarily stylish infant names in this compilation.

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Similar Names

Zoie is alike in pronunciation to Cee, Soo, Sue▼, Zea, Zia, Zoia and Zoyya. Other recommended sound-alike names space Adie, Agie, Alie, Amie▼, Arie, Avie, Bobie, Bonie, Brie, Codie, Corie, Docie, Dodie, Dorie, Doxie, Edie, Evie▲, Honie, Ionie, Ivie, Jobie, Jodie▼, Joie, Jolie▲, Jonie, Jorie, Josie, Kodie, Korie, Lonie▼, Lorie▼, Lotie, Nonie, Onie▼, Rie, Rodie, Rosie▼, Roxie▼, Skie, Sofie, Sokie, Tonie, Torie, Yolie, Zadie, Zele, Zelie, Zin, Ziv, Zofi, Zofia, Zola▲, Zolia, Zona▼, Zonia, Zora, Zorine and Zosia. This names have tendency to be more commonly used than Zoie.