So you read The Old Man and also the Sea however don’t understand a native of it? You room not alone! review an evaluation of the symbolism here. Tempt the ladies (or gents) lot in the same method a dead marlin attracts sharks with your knowledge.

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The Sea

According to Hemingway, guy was many able come prove self worthy in isolation. The sea, in the novel, to represent the Universe and also Santiago’s isolation in the Universe. It is at sea, v no help and no recognition, the Santiago encounters his can be fried challenge. The novel, in this regard, is an example of Naturalism in Literature.

The Marlin

The marlin to represent the can be fried opponent, one that brings out the best in Santiago.

The Sharks

Santiago considers the sharks base predators, not worthy that glory. Castle represent disastrous forces in life that offer no purpose.

Joe Dimaggio

Santiago considers Joe Dimaggio unbeatable. He symbolizes the indomitable will of the person spirit. Dimaggio, at the time the publication was written, suffered from a bone spur, mentioned in the novel. In spite of the bone spur, DiMaggio overcame his opponents, much in the same method Santiago overcomes his, in spite of injuries.

The Lions

Santiago desires of Lions on the beach in Africa 3 times. They stand for virility and youth. The lion imagery at the end of the novel represents expect of eternal life.

The Mast

The mast is an obvious allusion to the cross of Jesus. That is ~ above his skiff, whereby stands the mast, the Santiago suffers. Santiago suffers at sea for 3 days with painful injuries to the palms of his hands and his back.


Santiago’s young friend represents hope. Back Manolin’s dad prohibits him from fishing with Santiago, that is believed to be cursed, Manolin never abandons him emotionally. It have the right to be argued, however, that as Santiago fishes, that is there is no hope. The 84-day fishless streak attests come it.

The lost harpoon

Santiago loses the harpoon together he fends turn off sharks, symbolic of people who shed their faith as life’s woes attack. Much like Santiago there is no a harpoon, those without faith are defenseless.

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