An overview of Burgundy

Best described as a mix between red and purple, burgundy is a deep hue that’s frequently mistaken because that maroon. Uneven maroon, burgundy has a hints of purple wherein maroon has more brown come it. Burgundy gets its name from a drink the boasts a similar shade. An ext specifically, a red wine that comes from France. Burgundy made its ultimate insurance claim to fame about three years ago. Throughout this era, burgundy lipstick was every the rage. It to be the beauty sector that basically put this hue on the map.

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Common species of Burgundy

Vivid burgundy and also old burgundy space the most popular shades the this color. The previous bears a striking resemblance to a hair dye product the the same name. V that said, the name immediately stuck. When the origins of old burgundy room unknown, it came to be sought-after around a century ago.

A innovative Shade

Burgundy is often linked with the rich and also famous. This link has led many to believe that burgundy is sophisticated. As soon as in the presence of burgundy, you might feel more refined. Some civilization feel much more serious when surrounded by the color burgundy. If you’re attempting come focus, take into consideration an atmosphere that functions burgundy colors.


With the red undertones, burgundy is regarded as an extreme hue. If you’re trying to find comfort and reassurance, friend won’t find it through burgundy. This shade leads v strength and also force, which renders it somewhat intimidating. You won’t ever before hear burgundy explained as having actually lighthearted energy. Some even regard burgundy as an uptight shade.

Embodies Power

The shade burgundy likes being in charge. That doesn’t take it kindly to government figures. That goes to great lengths to it is in on top. Its must be in manage makes burgundy quite tense. However, this additionally contributes come its ambitious disposition. Burgundy understands the with great power comes good responsibility, and also it has no difficulty taking numerous tasks on.


Burgundy no care about the condition quo. It marches to the win of its very own drum. This provides burgundy the distinctive edge the desires. Though burgundy is closely related come maroon and also red, you i will not ~ find an additional hue it is quite favor this one. Burgundy attire is believed to be especially eccentric.

Boosts Energy

With its solid presence, burgundy have the right to increase power levels. If girlfriend feel under or in need of rejuvenation, enable burgundy to help. You’ll feel more energized in no time. Colors that room as intense as burgundy usually have this impact on people. Fortunately, burgundy promotes performance without gift overbearing.

Stimulates Appetite

When human being see the shade burgundy, they can sometimes gain hungry. This is great for those who either absence an appetite or get so busy the they forget come eat. Color psychology maintains that burgundy’s dark the shade triggers hunger. Girlfriend may find that you have a hankering because that sweets. This is due to the fact that deep tones are linked to chocolate. Those more, burgundy deserve to make her heart beat faster, which can lead to cravings.


Though many colors gain being about other hues, burgundy prefers to save to itself. That doesn’t favor being vulnerable, so that chooses not to open up. Unfortunately, this precipitates isolation. Together a result, burgundy deserve to come throughout as unfriendly. It doesn’t average to be, but it would much rather sit in quiet than obtain to recognize other people.


Burgundy understands the trials and also tribulations that life. It’s thus why it provides compassion and also empathy. If girlfriend don’t want to be judged because that the hardships you’re experiencing, go to the color burgundy. It’s right here where you’ll uncover an significant amount of understanding. Ideal of all, you deserve to rest assured that you’ll be heard.

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Summary: Burgundy color Meaning

Much like any type of color, burgundy has both optimistic and an unfavorable attributes. Many world are fond of burgundy’s compassionate side, however they nothing appreciate exactly how shy it is. Moreover, despite burgundy possesses distinctive qualities, it’s a manage freak. Fortunately, burgundy’s favorable characteristics outweigh its unpleasant features.

Burgundy symbolizes: power, intensity, individuality, sophisticatedEffects of burgundy: intimidates, energizes, stimulates, reassuresPositive traits: ambitious, remarkable, unique, understandingNegative traits: somber, controlling, reserved, timid