Caulifla… is “Cauliflower”!Kale…is “Kale” as it is!

Many viewers the the popular anime “Dragon sphere Super”, have to realize the Saiyans’ names are based on vegetables.

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And that is true. Traditionally, every Saiyans’ surname are associated to Japanese or English name of vegetables, as soon as born top top there house planet Sadala(an Anagram of Salad).

Other Saiyans:

“Vegeta” is a prince therefore his name is literally Vegetable

“Kakarot” is a Carrot

“Brolly” is a Broccoli

“Cabba” is a Cabbage

“Raditz” is a Radish

”Bardock” is a Burdock. It’s a kind of root veggie ごぼう (Gobou) in Japanese.

Some surname are interpreted differently and that made it harder to figure out the vegetable origin though… in original Japanese, it’s very clear and also obvious.

However, there is one more fact that only core fans know, who ever looked up the word Saiyan.


The indigenous Saiyan is Anagram of “Vegetable” in Japanese

Japanese kanji “野菜” way “vegetable” and also it’s pronounce “野(ya)菜(sai)”. So, assumption: v what will take place when ns flip the first kanji and 2nd one prefer this ” 菜 野 “.

Yes, it’ll it is in “sai ya”.

In Japanese, Saiyan is referred to as サイヤ人(saiya-jin:Saiya People) and also many viewers realize the obvious “secret” and enjoy the jokes.

And also, the Japanese indigenous 野人(ya-jin) means “wild man”, climate this strong sounds fit come the crazy wild fighter tribe favor Saiyan.

If friend didn’t know, educate everybody approximately you!


By the way, ns respect the author Akira Toriyama who decided vegetables because that words that signify such a strong powerful race.

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Let’s eat much more veggies, kids!☆

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