Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial OrderS04-02
Crime step Protection and Processing
Issue Date:06 November 2014Effective Date:06 November 2014Rescinds:15 June 2002 versionIndex Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive educates members of the procedures and responsibilities regarded crime scene protection and processing. Room members will refer to the basic Order titled "Crime scene Protection and also Processing" because that the policy governing crime scene protection and processing.

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A.At the beginning of the tourism of duty, field supervisors will ensure that an enough supply the the following is lugged in their vehicles:

2.if the investigation suggests that a homicide, suicide, aggravated battery likely to cause death, or a police-related shooting has occurred, inquiry the assignment of:

Notifications or requests because that the assignment the a detective or a member the the Forensic Services division will not be do from a telephone situated within a crime scene. If a telephone is no available, requests may be do by an Office the Emergency Management and also Communication (OEMC) dispatcher. Members will use caution once referring come the names and also addresses the victims once making requests or notifications from an individual cellular telephones.
C.A office of Patrol super assigned come oversee the preliminary investigation will normally remain on the scene and also ensure that:

a.yellow obstacle tape is provided to create an outer perimeter and staging area when figured out appropriate.


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evidence might be lost, stolen, or damaged prior to the come of Forensic Services division personnel, and

2.use the the crime scene proof markers reduces the likelihood that the proof will be lost, stolen, or damaged, and