People space suspicious that PB might be evil and also that she may be a bit of a fascist dictator. Has anyone i found it that occasionally she has quick outburst in German? I believe its possible that PB is a little bit of a Nazi and also when the shit hits the fan in the liquid Kingdom she will reveal her true self.

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In the adventure time encyclopaedia, created by his unholiness Hunson Abadeer, it says that German, in the land of oo, is the language that demons, what it means with PB speak it, ns don't know, but I'm nice confident, some shit is gonna go down an extremely soon.

That's pretty interesting. It can be possible that she is some sort if demon and also Peppermint butler is over there to safeguard her true identity and keep some mystery agenda ~ above track. I median he is a bit of a strange bloke to be hanging round v "the an excellent guys". Im loving speculating around this show and also pondering whereby the storyline is going. Dont think ive ever been so obsessed with a cartoon before.

That appears to be pretty accurate. Spoiler AHEAD. TURN ago NOW IF girlfriend DON'T want TO see THEM. SERIOUSLY. Fair WARNING.

She damaged into the King of Ooo's blimp and also searched his stuff, and also tried to arrest and silence him when referred to as out on she illegal snooping.

She sacrificed James, and although he was cloned, Finn and also Jake were both really confused if the was best or not.

Rattleballs states "I expect time has additionally made you less bloodthirsty, Princess, but do v me as you will." (These robots to be made shortly after the Gumball Guardians, by the look at of the kingdom in this episode, and also The Vault.

Cinnamon Bun says "Bubblegum is bad." to flame Princess as soon as in the experimentation room in Earth and Water. She asks "Really?" and he replies "I don't know." however CB has always been pretty.... Blunt, ns guess? There's no malice in that guy, haha.

"Peeps will never ever starve in my eternal empire," PB insurance claims after obtaining the Spoon that Prosperity in Red Starved. "What's PB want v this point anyway?" "Sometimes it's far better not come know," claims Jake. "Yeah, i guess that's true with Bonnibel," replies Marceline. The one who's known her because that literally her whole existence. Weird.

I recognize that over there are quite a few more examples, however these are some of the significant ones, and every one of these are from this season alone.

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Preebubs can not be as Lawful great as we thought, yo....

EDIT: completely forgot around Peppermint Butler having some... Exciting connections. And by that, I median he's evil. He knows Death. And in The Suitor he completely summons part demon to own Cinnamon Bun (who, again, is stated to it is in obviously innocent and also pure) and even the Gumball Guardian calls that "Dark One."