A push drink is a type of cocktail do from straightforward and fewer ingredients. A raspberry press cocktail, for example, is a update summer drink. To make it well, you will require ingredients favor raspberry vodka, club soda, and also a lime wedge.

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Other push drinks prefer a Gentlemen’s push or Vodka Press likewise use fewer ingredients. It’s a simple, quick, and sharp cocktail recipe to do at home. And also it’s conveniently one of the most popular drinks in bars.

Having said that, press drinks usage a cocktail-mixing an approach that takes a while come master. That technique is well-known as rolling.

Let’s speak a bit much more about this method below.

How to properly “Roll” A push Drink?


In layman’s terms, this is generally referred to together shaking a cocktail. You’ve seen bartenders carry out this in movies. You can use a cocktail shaker or 2 tall glasses to execute this.

For a press drink, the drink is supposed to include all the ingredients into a highball glass. Fill it with ice and roll or to water the drink ago into a cocktail shaker. Pour it again earlier into the highball glass and also serve v a lime wedge or other garnish.

This may sound an easy to few of you. However if she a beginner, spilling a few drops while putting is possible. But that’s nothing a regular practice won’t fix.

Shaking is a straightforward bartending technique. And learning how to carry out this well can improve your push drink-making skills.

Rolling a drink is fairly easy. Also for a beginner come practice, it should not take more than 2 minute to do.

Here’s the proper means to shake a cocktail before serving. To better explain this technique, let’s write down the recipe for a raspberry push cocktail.


2 oz the raspberry vodkaA splash of society sodaA splash of spriteLime wedge together garnish


Pour every the ingredients right into a mixing glass or a cocktail shaker.Fill increase the empty part of the glass v ice cubes or crushed ice.Roll or shake every the contents in the glass to mix.Pour it into a serving glass and include a lime wedge because that garnish.


While this is a basic cocktail shaking technique, that takes a if to fully master a push drink. Friend may obtain the ingredients right each time. Yet the rolling an approach takes a while to get an excellent at.

Having said that, it’s vital to make press drinks consistently. You deserve to use a cocktail shaker to make things easier for you. Pouring drinks for a press drink is an excellent and easy. Make sure you have actually a for sure grip over the glass to avoid spilling.

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If you space using a three-piece shaker, it’s vital to place your table of contents finger on the lid. This keeps the lid in place and gives you a far better grip at putting drinks into other glasses. There are various ways of make a press drink. But there’s only one method of acing it.

Ask any bartender; they’ll tell you the making a push drink, you need to make sure the drink is chilled and also has a unified flavor. As soon as you’ve gained that, you have your press drink ready to serve or sip!