“Pommes frites” — clear French. If you’ve taken a French class, you understand that the word “pomme” means “apple” and the indigenous “frite” means fried. So if girlfriend order “pommes frites” from a restaurant menu, will certainly your server bring you a heaping key of fried apples?

While fried to apologize are an excellent in their very own right and also deserve a location on that restaurant menu, “pommes frites” actually describes French fries. You see, the French word for potato is actually “pomme de terre,” or “fruit the the earth.”

Used in a sentence:

Burgers go well through a next of pommes frites.

So if the French contact fries pommes frites, what perform they speak to fried apples? Whoa.

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The photo Pommes III by Christian Schnettelker is license is granted under CC through 2.0.


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