Definitions include: amphetamine.

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Definitions include: the best.Definitions include: something you have now is worth more than two points you have just a opportunity of getting.Definitions include: excessive.Definitions include: sexual activity.Definitions include: In the West/Central Canadian accent, "about" is pronounced somewhere in between "aboot" and "a boat".Definitions include: a little crazyDefinitions include: an unspecified tiny number.Definitions include: come play around.Definitions include: really common.Definitions include: a mythical creature who is extremely happy or fortunate.Definitions include: a non-specified price.Definitions include: a non-specified price.Definitions include: to collide with a tree.Definitions include: one ugly face.(show 767 morehide)

Other terms relating come "go":

Definitions include: completely ready.Definitions include: acronym for "best girlfriend forever that eat out and go purchase a lot".Definitions include: provided to tell someone to prevent messing with people.Definitions include: excited and also ready to start.Definitions include: native the beginning.Definitions include: acronym for "got to go".Definitions include: acronym the "goes away from keyboard".Definitions include: "goes in to".Definitions include: the beginning.Definitions include: to acquire a human being excited.Definitions include: to move one's legs.Definitions include: acronym for "go posesthe yourself".Definitions include: acronym for "go crap yourself".Definitions include: acronym of "go fuck yourself."Definitions include: acronym because that "good game."(show 200 morehide)

Other terms relating to "piss":

Definitions include: there is no substance; every talk and no action.Definitions include: drink alcohol.Definitions include: A fiery small person or being.Definitions include: expression the dismay; "bummer".Definitions include: come complain excessively.Definitions include: a human being who is inconsequential, irrelevant, small, unimportant, or worthless.Definitions include: come waste time.Definitions include: come be forced to deal with.Definitions include: incredibly inebriated.Definitions include: come waste.Definitions include: angry.Definitions include: angry.Definitions include: The emotional state of being pissed off over one extended period of time.Definitions include: come waste time; "dawdle".Definitions include: labia.(show 18 morehide)

Other state relating to "rope":

Definitions include: can not to tolerate any kind of more.Definitions include: to defecate; "poop".Definitions include: to defecate.Definitions include: A western type person who may or might not it is in an really cowboy.Definitions include: to know the appropriate procedures.Definitions include: in a place in i beg your pardon a person needs to be careful, lest they suffer some consequence.Definitions include: as a male, to attempt to have actually sex through a less-than-fully-erect penis.Definitions include: a spurt the semen.Definitions include: to attract.

Other terms relating come "up":

Definitions include: a warning that one or more law enforcement officers are near.Definitions include: a an enig advantage.Definitions include: to misbehave.Definitions include: acronym the "all fucked up."Definitions include: fine dressed, attract makeup, etc.Definitions include: law something emphatically.Definitions include: energetic due to usage of a stimulant.Definitions include: come increase.Definitions include: to add one's share.Definitions include: to chaos up.Definitions include: 1. To be highly intoxicated on medicine and/or alcohol Definitions include: to make something prefer ass.Definitions include: strange, stupid; "weird".Definitions include: stupid.

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Definitions include: strange / stupid.(show 441 morehide)