Would the be way to operation an inverter off a battery and the fridge at 220vac off the car battery or would it be better to simply run it right off the 12vdc…

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Make certain The strength Specifications complement To stop ProblemsQuestion: take it an average portable refrigerator that one would use for camping. It have the right to run off 12Vdc/220Vac. Would certainly it be way to run an inverter off a battery and the fridge at 220vac turn off the auto battery or would certainly it be better to simply run it directly off the 12V( Assuming every wiring, fuses and etc have actually been do to take care of the current). Basically, fridge/freezers are double the price as soon as it have the right to run of either voltage, therefore I want to understand if I deserve to just buy the 220Vac one and then usage an inverter while we only have the automobile to strength it?

This electric question came from: Rowan, a student from Pietermaritzburg, south AfricaAdditional Comments: enjoy the facilities a lot.

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Dave’s Reply:Thanks for your electrical question Rowan.Rowan, I’m assuming your making use of a 220vac refrigerator there in southern Africa, so you will require to enhance the inverter to the fridge power specs, but most of all you need to make certain that the fridge manufacturer approves of the inverter for the refrigerator so the unit will certainly not it is in damaged. The problem is as soon as the compressor starts the will have a momentary inrush of existing that will be required and if the inverter is not huge enough both units could be damaged. Examine the fridge and also see exactly which voltage it requires and also what lot of watts of amps will be required.

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