Several that the clients the my company has in this market have the last surname Patel. Someone in my office remarked the they’ve noticed this is a an extremely common name. Another person claimed that it’s because “Patel” method “innkeeper” and it signifies the organization of the family. She also said that it is a surname that some Indian families embrace when lock immigrate come the U.S. Since it is typical (and therefore, familiar to Americans), straightforward to pronounce, and also represents their occupation. That so happens the the Patels we resolve (who are all related) own several hotels.

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This no sound like it’s exactly to me and also the woman who claimed it has actually a background of repeating UL’s and also incorrect “facts”. What’s the dope?

Well FWIW…my fiancee’s friend’s surname is Patel. Her parents own a hotel in Tennessee. Coincidence? Probly not.

I’ll asking her next time I view her if she to know what her name really means.

I’ve known and worked with numerous Patels, all from the Indian state of Gujarat (northwestern component of the country, if she looking at a map). They’ve every assured me the it’s really common name there, and also it seems to lock like half of every Gujaratis are called Patel.

I’ll admit that there perform seem to it is in a disproportionate variety of Indians in the united state lodging industry, yet c’mon.

Hobson Jobson: The Anglo-Indian thesaurus lists ‘Patel’ together a “The headman that a village”.

If the last name “Patel” had anything to execute with the who occupation, the association is lengthy gone. I’ve likewise been called by a human from India the Patel wake up to it is in a very common name. E.g.At among my previous suppliers in the insurance money business, we had actually a database of doctor names. When you sought physicians through last name Patel in the state of brand-new York, the variety of records uncovered was very high.

This does repeat me that the science fiction quick story (I think by Isaac Asimov) wherein we conference an extraterrestrial whose surname is translated as “strikes iron through a hammer.” It transforms out that another translation for the alien’s surname would have actually been “Smith”.


I had actually a friend in college named Jay Patel. He assured me the last name was additionally one the the Indian races/sects in your old Hindu social hierarchy. For this reason he was doubly a Patel.

According come the Oxford Hindi Dictionary, words paTel has two definitions:

headman that a village; town of a Gujarati trading community.Nothing around hotels. Can it simply be a case of finish rhyme?

The OHD etymology for paTel traces it earlier to Sanskrit paTTakila-. This is derived from words paTTa, definition ‘a slab, tablet’ (for paint or writing upon); (esp.) a copper plate because that inscribing imperial grants or orders’. From this last feeling (plus ?khila, ‘piece that land’) comes the word paTTakila an interpretation ‘the tenant (by royal edict) that a piece of land’.

The same last-name semantic pattern obtains in other parts the India: Rao and Reddy in Andhra Pradesh, and also Chaudhury in Bengal, all definition village headman hereditary caste.

The new York Times shade supplement did a story a couple of years back on this basic subject. The surname “Patel” is really common among a specific caste in India. It doesn’t average anything having actually to do with innkeepers, but many Indian immigrants from are members of the caste and happen to work-related in the lodging industry. Reportedly a many American motel owners were marketing off their businesses at around the exact same time together there was a huge wave of immigrant coming end from India.

One human interviewed for the story joked the Americans most likely think “Patel” is an Indian word because that “motel”.

OK, strangely, the only human being I’ve ever before known v the last name Patel additionally had hotel management/ownership as the family business. This human being told me that Patel was just a typical name, and also that over there were countless them. They can’t all run hotels!


They can not all run hotels!

Why not?

Do you typical that in the 1200’s-1500’s in England, the someone named “Smith” might have to be descended indigenous butchers? :rolleyes:

I live in a tiny town (10,000) in the middle of Wyoming. Over there is only one household that I understand who lives below of Indian (eastern) descent. Their surname IS Patel, and they very own several motels…

While ns realize that not all Patels space in the hotel business, the seems like it at times. I work as a CSR for the parent franchising corp of days Inn, supervisor 8, and several other hotels. I view the Patel name everyday while looking up hotel information for guests.

I’ve heard (around the office and have no cites to back it up) that something prefer 25% the all new franchises room bought by world with the last name of Patel.

From what ns know, Patel is as common in India as Johnson or smith is amongst Americans.

I should say, i am glad the my last surname is distinct and really hard to find, really uniquely German however even unusual amongst them…nothing versus Patels, johnsons or Smiths.


BTW we have a huge Indian populace (not the aboriginal American kind yet we have plenty of Native Americans below too, below in mine city and up in Denver.) i went to institution with several Patel “kids” in various families in mine schools.

At the pharmacy that I used to go to, in ~ the Pathmark supermarket in south Plainfield, NJ, there to be bins whereby completed prescriptions were kept while awaiting pickup. They were labeled A, B, C, etc–just prefer every various other pharmacy, right? other than there to be a entirety BIN labeling “Patel.”


As others have said, Patel just happens to be a an extremely common name. I notification that part posters who attach the name through the hotel/hospitality company are themselves associated to that organization area, and would perhaps be an ext likely to conference the surname in that context. In Britain, because that instance, quite a many proprietors of newsagents and little general stores are neamed Patel, and I’ve had a Mr. Patel (to who I required to write a cheque) joke that his name was “Patel, together in Smith”, just since of the ubiquity the the name.

*Originally post by Lamia ***The brand-new York Times shade supplement go a story a pair of years ago on this general subject. The surname “Patel” is an extremely common amongst a certain caste in India. That doesn’t typical anything having actually to perform with innkeepers, yet many Indian immigrant from room members of the caste and happen to job-related in the lodging industry. Reportedly a lot of American motel owner were marketing off their businesses at around the exact same time as there was a large wave of immigrant coming end from India.

One human interviewed because that the story joked that Americans more than likely think “Patel” is an Indian word for “motel”.**

I wonder if my coworker review this or knew who who read this and took the story indigenous there. It’s very likely, since she’s indigenous the NYC area and certainly would have actually easy access to the NY Times.

I’ll allow her know the details you all have actually supplied.

IIRC, In David Mamet’s Glengarry glen Ross, among the salesmen complains about people called Patel as part of a screed against Indian prospects.

To set the document straight, the name “Patel” is not common throughout India. It is only usual within the state the Gujarat (where the current earthquake occurred). Gujarat is the wealthiest state in India, thus a large proportion of ind in this nation are Gujaratis. The idea is the you require a kind amount the cash to afford to emigrate out of India or to acquire an education and learning that will allow you come emigrate.

“Patel” is also a caste in the timeless Hindu pecking order (which is not really based upon Hinduism, yet that’s one more subject). So not all Patels have the last surname Patel. The Patel caste is a caste of merchants and also businesspeople (I usage businesspeople rather of businessmen since historically, Patel ladies have also been really successful in managing businesses), and also therefore can afford to travel an ext than most other Indians. Your keen service sense and ability to save money have enabled them come be successful throughout the world. Also, castle are known to be very unselfish to their family and friends. Therefore if a Patel runs a successful company in an area, they will certainly invite their friends and family to collection up shop nearby, and also even carry out them with interest-free loans for long periods of time to acquire started.

The factor why motels room a popular company to operation for Patels is the it bring away a lot of of tough work and alot that waiting prior to a motel breaks a profit network of the investment. Patels have the right to live on very small for years and work hours and hours without lot pay in bespeak to reap the rewards years under the line. Not as well many human being can do this. For this reason the Patels witnessed a industry in the USA they can win it, and they seized it. The traits around Patels that I define are culturally driven.

I hope this answers every one of your questions.

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“Keen organization Sense”! yes right! I understand several hotel and apartment owners with the surname Patel. They room successful since they disregard the laws concerning employment. They offer cost-free lodging or business to delicate individuals in exchange because that labor. Many states still require this reported together taxable income however they ignore the law. Not only does this permit them come avoid earnings tax yet they likewise don’t have to pay unemployment, work comp and also any other required contributions. In addition, your properties space poorly maintained, unkempt, and also often in violation of local ordinances. They room rude to their guests and also often administer false info to digital booking organ such as amenities the no longer exist or never ever did. Over there are countless accounts transparent the U.S. Of “Patels” bleeding all the benefit they have the right to off that lodging establishments without reinvesting something in keeping or enhancing the property. Frequently these end up being sold well listed below market value to who else with the name Patel. I suspect many of your properties space uninsured or underinsured together well. Ns am all for immigrant coming to America to attain the American Dream of company ownership, yet breaking the law, leaving employee unprotected and also decreasing the property value that the community is not the “American Way” that time the government do it’s project and attend to this issue. If you don’t believe this check for yourself. If you drive by a Hotel and also the swimming pool is always covered or fill in through sand, absent or other fill product indicating it is no longer in use, go inside and ask because that the owner. Nothing be surprised if that Patel.