The meaning that MU is miss out on You and also other interpretations are located at the bottom i beg your pardon take ar within conversation terminology and also MU has 1 different meaning. All meanings which belong come MU abbreviation room take part only within conversation terminology and also other definitions are not found. If you desire to see various other meanings, please click the MU an interpretation link. Thus, you will certainly be directed to page which shows all interpretations of MU. uneven there room 1 different definitions MU abbreviation in ~ the bottom, please find again through typing question structures such together “what go MU average in Chat, the meaning of MU in Chat”. Besides, you can search by typing MU in the search box i m sorry is found our website.

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What does MU stand for Chat?

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What walk MU meaning stand because that Chat?

MU definition stands for miss You.

What is the meaning of MU abbreviation in Chat?

The meaning of MU abbreviation is `Miss You` in Chat. What is MU meaning ? MU meaning is "Miss You". What go MU average in Chat? MU typical that "Miss You" because that Chat. What is MU acronym ? MU acronym is "Miss You". What is shorthand of miss You ? The shorthand of "Miss You" is MU. What is the meaning of MU acronym in Chat? meanings of MU shorthand is "Miss You". What is the full form of MU abbreviation? Full form of MU abbreviation is "Miss You". What is the full meaning of MU in Chat? Full definition of MU is "Miss You". What is the explanation for MU in Chat? Explanation because that MU is "Miss You".
What is the meaning of MU Abbreviation in Astrology ?

The website does not only encompass the meanings of the MU abbreviation in Chat. Yes, we understand your main purpose is explanation the MU abbreviation in Chat. However, we assumed that as well as the an interpretation of the MU meanings in Chat, you can consider astrological details of MU acronym in Astrology. Therefore, the astrological explanation of each word in each MU abbreviation is also included.

MU Abbreviation in Astrology MU (letter M)

You room emotional and also intense. When involved in a relationship, you throw your entire being right into it. Nothing stops you; there space no stop barred. You are all consuming and also crave someone that is same passionate and intense. You are willing to shot anything and also everything. Her supply that sexual power is inexhaustible. Friend are very social and sensual; you enjoy flirting and additionally enjoy mothering her mate.

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MU (letter U)

You are enthusiastic and idealistic once in love. When not in love, you space in love with love, constantly looking for someone come adore. You check out romance together a challenge. You room a roamer and need adventure, excitement, and freedom. You deal in potential relationships. Friend enjoy giving gifts and also enjoy seeing her mate feather good. Her sex journey is strong and friend desire immediate ratification. You space willing to put your partner"s pleasures over your own.