As you participate in your child’s special education process, you may feel that everyone has started speaking in a international language during meetings. While it may seem like a foreign language, that is a language that initials (acronyms). Acronyms are used often and it is assumed that everyone is familiar with the meaning.

We placed together a rapid reference Special education list (grab her copy below, and add to her IEP Notebook). in the really hopes that it might bring more understanding and also clarity. The finish list of one-of-a-kind education and disability abbreviations and acronyms is below.


Special education & impairment Acronyms / Abbreviations

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A – Acronyms

AAC = alternative Augmentative Communication

ABA = used Behavioral Analysis

ADA = Americans v Disabilities Act

ADD/ADHD =Attention Deficit/Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADLs = activities of day-to-day Living

APE = Adaptive physical Education

ASD | Autism Spectrum Disorders

ASL | American sign Language

AT | Assistive Technology

AYP | enough Yearly development

B – Acronyms

BD | behavior Disorder

BIP | behavioral Intervention Plan

BOE | plank of Education

C – Acronyms

CBA | Curriculum Based Assessment

CCSS | typical Core State Standards

CDA | Child advancement Associate

CD | Cognitive Delay

CF | Cystic Fibrosis

COTA | Certified job-related Therapist Assistant

CP | Cerebral Palsy

CST | child Study Team

D- Acronyms

DB | Deaf-Blind

DD | Developmental Delay

DOE | room of Education

DoH | room of Health

DPH | Due process Hearing Officer

DS | down Syndrome

DSM | Diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association