Acupuncture Titles and Abbreviations

Unfortunately, figuring the end whether an acupuncturist is licensed is no as straightforward as that looks. Although the most typical degree designation because that an acupuncturist is LAc, some says use different titles or abbreviation to denote that their practitioners are licensed. Provided below are several of the most commonly used abbreviations (and their titles) in the acupuncture and Oriental medication profession. If you know of one more title or company that need to be on this list, please contact us at Editorial
* and also we will include it come the list.

Professional Titles

Abbreviation Title
ABT Asian Bodywork Therapist
AcD Acupuncture doctor (used in Canada)
AP Acupuncture medical professional (used in Florida)
ASA American culture of Acupuncturists
CA, CAc Certified Acupuncturist
CH Chinese Herbalist
CT Clinical Technician
DAc Doctor of Acupuncture (used in Hawaii)
D. Acu Doctor of Acupuncture (used in Rhode Island)
DACM Doctorate of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Dipl. ABT Diplomate in asian Bodywork Therapy
Dipl. Ac. Diplomate in Acupuncture
Dipl. CH Diplomate in Chinese Herbalism
Dipl. OM Diplomate in oriental Medicine
DNBAO Diplomate, nationwide Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics
DAOM Doctor the Acupuncture and also Oriental medicine
DOM Doctor of eastern Medicine
DTCM, Dr. TCM Doctor of timeless Chinese medicine (used in Canada)
FIAMA Fellow, international Academy of clinical Acupuncture
LAc, Lic. Ac. licensed Acupuncturist
MAOM Master, art of eastern Medicine
MSOM Master, scientific research of eastern Medicine
MTCM Master, timeless Chinese Medicine
MTOM Master, Traditional asian Medicine
OMD Oriental medicine Doctor
PhD Doctor the Philosophy
RAc, Reg. Ac. Registered Acupuncturist (used in Colorado and Canada)
R. TCM. H. Registered timeless Chinese medication Herbalist (used in Canada)

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Registered classic Chinese medicine Practitioner (used in Canada)
TCMD Traditional Chinese medication Doctor (used in Canada)

Organizational Titles

Abbreviation Organization
AAMA American Academy of medical Acupuncture
AAOM American combination of eastern Medicine
ACAOM Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and also Oriental Medicine
AOBTA American organization for Bodywork Therapies that Asia
CCAOM Council the Colleges of Acupuncture and also Oriental Medicine
FAOMRA Federation that Acupuncture and Oriental medication Regulatory Agencies
IAMA International Academy of clinical Acupuncture
IVAS International veterinarian Acupuncture Society
NADA National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
NAOMA National Acupuncture and also Oriental medicine Alliance
NCCAOM National Commission for the Certification the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
NSAA National sports Acupuncture Association
SAR culture for Acupuncture Research