1. n., Male, husband, masculine sweetheart, man; brother-in-law the a woman; male, masculine; to be a husband or brother-in-law of a woman.

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Examples:Kai kāne (Kep. 183), solid sea.Hana keiki kāne, man"s work-related requiring strength.Related:Pipi kāne, bull.hoʻokāne Caus/sim.; to behave as a male; masculine; to take on a man as a platonic friend, said of a mrs (the relationship cements friendship between the family members of both participants); to sell to become husband or sweetheart.Ua hoʻokāne aku nei mākou nāu (For. 4:59), we have acquired a husband because that you.References:PPN taʻane.

2. (Cap.) n., The leading of the four good gimpppa.organ gods: view HM 42–66.

References:PCP Taane.

3. (Cap.) n., surname of the 27th night the the lunar month.


4. (Cap.) n., name of a sacred star, watched by clergymans as portending an excellent misfortune, together the death of a chief; possibly a variable like Mira or Algol, or also a nova.

5. n., Name provided at ʻEwa, Oʻahu, because that the Tahitian banana known as polapola and hēʻī.

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kāne — Māmaka Kaiao, Haw come Eng,


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kane — Andrews, Haw come Eng / KA-NE /,

s. The masculine of the animal species; opposite come wahine.

2. A husband; the kane mea wahine, a husband having actually a wife; kane hou, a guy lately married; a bridegroom; also, kane mare, a bridegroom.

3. The name of a rock god.

4. White point out on the flesh.

5. The god of living water; that akua nana ka wai ola.

6. The name of particular gods, Kane and Kanaloa.

7. The name of a tiny insect. Watch ANE.

8. Surname of a work of the month; ma ia ao ae, o Kane ia la.

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KA-NE — Andrews, Haw come Eng,

v. To it is in or action the part of a husband. 1 Tim. 3:2.

Kane(kā"-ne),n. — Parker, Haw to Eng / kā"-ne /,

1. The male of the animal species; opposite come wahine, female.

2. A husband.

3. An eruption or formation of whitish flakes on the skin.

4. Among the more distinguished heathen god of the ancient gimpppa.organs, also called Kane-i-ka-wai-ola, Kane of the life Water.

5. A specific day in every month collection apart because that the prayer of the god, Kane.

Kane(kā"-ne),v. — Parker, Haw to Eng / kā"-ne /,

To it is in or act the component of a husband: ns kane oe na Lahopa; be a husband come Lahopa.

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