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Pictures falling off the wall, stepping ~ above a grave, black cats, and also other common superstitions explained.

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What does It mean When a picture Falls off the Wall? 10 popular Superstitions Explained

Superstition is characterized as "a id or exercise resulting indigenous ignorance, are afraid of the unknown, or to trust in magic."

Perhaps superstitions are merely born out of our fear that we can't readily explain. The complying with are a couple of examples of this old wives' tales—several that which were ingrained in me indigenous a really young age.

Whether one believes the there is a morsel of reality in every superstition or that they room all finish poppycock is as much as the individual. I, because that one, float somewhere in the grey area the exists between the two.

10 Fascinating Superstitions and also Their Meanings

Picture Falling turn off the WallThe black CatBread and also ButterOut that SightWhite AnimalsUnexplained NoisesStepping top top a GraveRocking an empty ChairBuying a Wrecked CarThe Candle Flame


A picture falling turn off the wall may it is in a authorize that some misfortune will fall upon at least one of the human being pictured in the photograph.

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1. Photo Falling off the Wall

To have actually a framed picture of a loved one fall off the wall surface is considered, through the much more superstitious amongst us, to be a authorize that misfortune will certainly befall at least one of the parties whose image shows up behind the glass.

Likewise, to have a frame that is sit on a level surface all of sudden topple front is an ominous warning come whoever is in the photo. If the glass section of the framework cracks, you'd better watch out. This is usually believed to average that an finish to miscellaneous is on the horizon.

If simply one human being is in the picture, their days might be numbered.If a couple is illustrated in the photo, then an uncoupling is imminent.A team photo is a wild card. It is possible that poor luck will clear up on only one of the civilization represented in the still, yet it's not a certainty. In this instance, those who think in such points are forced to wait with bated breath to discover out who amongst them will be touched by the fickle hand that fate.


Black cats, throughout the ages, have symbolized the darker nature that humanity. Regularly seen together a companion the witches and also practitioners the the occult, they to be vilified and also subjected to mass extermination.

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2. The black color Cat

It has actually long been assumed that to have a black color cat cross one's path signals danger ahead. The background of this particular hue that feline is filled with horrifying examples of bad luck—the vast majority of which fell upon the cat.

Black cat were worshipped by old Egyptians and didn't begin to be viewed as symbols of negative luck until middle ages times, once they became associated with witchcraft and also Satan. Because then, black cats have actually symbolized the darker nature the humanity. Since they were viewed as companions the witches and practitioners of the occult, lock were thought to be animal spirits of witches, vilified, and burned alive or based on mass extermination.

Early Christians believed if a black color cat crossed your path, they intended to block your path to heaven and, therefore, they must be destroyed. This id has continued to contribute to the modern-day notion that black cat as a prize of negative luck.

Fortunately, the black color cat has had its champions end the years, i beg your pardon has enabled it come survive and also flourish regardless of its unfortunately reputation. In Japan, Ireland, and Britain, black cats are also seen as signs of great luck. Also so, numerous still go out of their means to stop crossing routes with one lest they room pulled into the darkness through the attract of the secret feline. Old superstitions die hard, and also centuries that being linked with misfortune room not easily forgotten.


By saying "bread and butter," a couple that belong together are letting any an unfavorable force that might be hovering nearby know that their parting is just temporary.

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3. Bread and also Butter

This is a cautionary superstition that my mommy still recommendations anytime we space out together. According to her, two world walking side by side must not be separated by any type of object in their path. To enable such a point to occur will soon result in their gift parted ~ above a much more permanent basis.

For example, if a couple is wade hand in hand ~ above the street, and also a lamp article or sign is up ahead, one of them has to say "bread and butter" together they unlock hand to make means for the obstacle. This routine ensures that the two of them, although summary parted, will remain bound with each other as a duo.

It isn't difficult to know the logic behind this. Bread and also butter are taken into consideration to be a organic pairing; by speak "bread and also butter," a pair who belonging together are letting any an adverse force that could be hovering adjacent know that their parting is only temporary. This applies not only to lovers but likewise to parents and also their children. The origin of this legend is unclear; however, the was very first recorded amongst schoolchildren in Kansas in the 1930s.

The exclamation of "bread and butter" can likewise be offered in teams as lengthy as they can be damaged up right into an even number. It can sound silly, yet it gives comfort to those that wish to let the universe understand that nothing will keep them parted native those castle love.


It's bad luck to watch someone leave till they're totally out that sight.

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4. The end of Sight

Another superstition that I have heard my totality life is that it is negative luck to clock someone leave till they are totally out that sight. To execute so signifies that they are walking out of her life for good, never to return.

My mother, come this day, will certainly go to the home window and wave as we space leaving but will then retreat to her chair before we journey away. Because this acorn didn't autumn far indigenous the superstitious tree, I discover myself transforming my ago before anyone i care about is out of my heat of vision. Much better to it is in safe than sorry.

5. White Animals

To encounter a white animal, particularly one that is out of place in that is surroundings, is thought about an omen of poor things yet to come. Normally, once a white pet would appear out of nowhere, our family would brace itself because that tragedy.

The first time i remember hearing about this details superstition was when we were watching a i cry of blackbirds the had decided to soil in our front yard. Ns recall mine mother's reaction once a flash of white feather suddenly came to be visible in the otherwise black horde; her challenge turned nearly as pale as the ghostly bird.

Even as a child, i assumed the the white bird was an albino. Mine mother, on the other hand, immediately prepared herself for negative news. Together a vision was extremely rare, and the bird was glaringly out of place.

No horrifying deaths developed as a an outcome of the bird's appearance, however our household did suffer a minor mishap in the days immediately following that visit. It started when mine father chose to go searching alone one morning—something the rarely ever did. We just started to problem when the sunlight went down and also no one had heard indigenous him.

Later in the evening, he come hobbling in the door. That turned the end that, if deep in the woods, he had actually fallen and also broken his leg. With no method of rescue, he offered his gun together a crutch as he make the seemingly unlimited journey back to his truck. It had actually taken him almost nine hrs to accomplish this task.

Of course, the white bird showing up in our yard and my father's accident in the woods were purely coincidental, but you will certainly never obtain my mom to believe that the unusual visitor wasn't sent out by a greater power come warn of brewing danger.

6. Inexplicable Noises

One the the most influential fears the was instilled in united state was the of mysterious noises. A loud bang that seemed to emanate from everywhere and nowhere was the one that we learned to dread the most.

I don't recognize if this is common in all households, however every as soon as in a while, we would certainly hear something the sounded like an extremely heavy object hitting the side of our house.

Upon inspection, there would certainly be no damage to it is in seen, nor would anything it is in lying approximately that didn't belong there. Still, we would all hear the bang also though nobody of us might say from wherein it originated.

Again, my mother took this as an omen. She would be on pins and needles for days afterward, fearing the worst. Follow to her, something poor usually happened within 3 days of such an event. This theory had actually been passed under from generation to generation.

It was never completely explained, but I gathered that the according to whack was thought about to be something trying come break with from the other side v a warning to tread easy or challenge the consequences.

These disturbances to be rare, however when castle occurred, they carried our family to a standstill. Usually, three days went by, and the incident was forgotten. When in a while, there would be an unpleasant episode that would bring the issue to a close.

One time it to be our cat being eliminated by a auto the work after us heard the bang the fulfilled the warning. My mother commented the she hated what taken place to our pet, however she to be glad that it was over so she can stop worrying.

I haven't heard the sound that offered to absent our family home come its foundation since moving out ~ above my own years ago. Maybe my mother was the catalyst due to the fact that she had actually experienced the bizarre phenomena in various places because childhood.

Whether an unexpected sound that seems to come out of nowhere is a top up native the various other side that risk is impending or a fully benign event is up because that interpretation. In my household home, it was the former, there is no a shadow of a doubt.

7. Stepping top top a Grave

It is a long-held id that one have to use caution while visiting the sacred grounds of a cemetery. Because that many, to ar your feet upon the dig of one that is at eternal remainder is an act of disrespect that will be complied with swiftly by a spate of bad luck.

I have the right to remember, together a child, my mother grabbing me and pulling me far from my uncle's funeral site as soon as I go on the mound of dirt under which that lay. Ns went top top to obtain a stern lecture from not only her however my aunts as well. Apparently, I had inadvertently opened the totality family approximately unseen evil-doers that dwell amongst the headstones. Who knew?

To speak that i was scarred through the endure is one understatement. Although nothing horrible taken place as a an outcome of my having trodden on hallowed ground, the totality ordeal was upsetting come an impressionable child.

Graves room a allude of contention for assorted people. In one interview with talk present host Mike Douglas in the 1970s, actor George Raft portrayed how deep some human being are influenced by even the mere point out of the word.

Raft was famous for his portrayals of gangsters and other difficult guys in films of the '30s and also '40s. During his sit-down with Douglas, the interviewer inquiry the burly gibbs if anything frightened him. Raft responded that he had actually a paralyzing fear of graves. To even utter words shook him to his core. The wasn't kidding. George Raft, screen poor guy, came to be so emotional throughout the conversation that he had actually to wipe tears from his eyes together he spoke.

There are additionally those who believe that if one experience a suddenly shiver it means that one animal, usually a goose or rabbit, has walked end the spot where they will sooner or later be interred.

Whether one regards cemeteries v ambivalence or fear, the abovementioned shudder deserve to be an unstable reminder the nothing lasts forever.

Rocking an empty chair is thought by some to bring bad luck to the human who usually occupies it.

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8. Rocking an north Chair

To mindlessly absent an north chair is believed, by some, to carry devastating after-effects to the human who usually occupies the space. The exercise is akin come proclaiming that they space no longer present in the body however exist only in spirit. If, however, the chair is typically up because that grabs, climate the human being who rocked it while it was vacant will be the most likely victim.

As with many superstitions, this one, which is believed to have actually its beginnings in Ireland, plays right into the fear that something us cannot start to recognize is always lying in wait for the chance to sever life's tenuous thread. All it needs to case a spirit is because that someone to open a door and allow it to get in the people of the living; rocking an north chair is the invitation it craves.

There is a method to head off doom, yet the guilty party have to act quickly. To against the curse, they must plant us in the chair and also loudly recite a prayer in the surname of the person they have placed in jeopardy. If done correctly, this will certainly ward off any type of soul collectors who might have been called forth.

Only the human who rocked the chair in the first place have the right to reverse the process that lock have set in motion. The safest method of preventing such an ordeal is to simply be mindful of whereby one lays their hands. If a chair is supposed to rock, be certain that who is sit in that while the is in motion.

As superstition has it, a automobile that has been mangled in a road mishap has been significant by fate. Something, somewhere, tried and failed to put it out of commission.

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9. Buying a Wrecked Car

It is important a blessing once a human survives an automobile accident. They walk on about their lives, thankful because that every day and all is well. However, once a car that has been wrecked is understood roadworthy once again, it can lug with the a stigma the is not quickly erased.

As superstition has it, a vehicle that has been mangled in a roadway mishap has been marked by fate. Something, somewhere, tried and also failed to placed it the end of commission. The owner of such an auto is advised the it will only be a issue of time before an additional crash finishes the job.

Surprisingly, this is one of the couple of notions the my family did no adhere to. I have heard it numerous times end the years, however not indigenous them. One resource was one elderly gentleman who supplied to perform minor repair on my car out that his garage. His name was Charlie.

Years ago, ns purchased a used auto from a dealership and took it to Charlie because that a quick inspection. Ns knew nothing of the car's background when i drove it into Charlie's garage.

The old guy took one look at the car and shook his head. He told me the it to be no good. The knew ideal off the bat that it had been wrecked at part point. I assumed that he supposed that the wasn't mechanically sound, however that hadn't been his an initial concern.

Charlie was typically a man of couple of words, however he provided me an earful that day. That told me the he didn't check out anything wrong v the car, every se, yet that I have to trade it in because that something else all the same. He wiped the sweat from his challenge the whole time together he warned to get rid of the car.

I listened to what he had to say, also though that made little sense. I paid him and went on my way, not offering his words an additional thought. Less than 2 weeks later, ns was rear-ended, and also the car was considered a full loss. As a result of the accident, I experienced whiplash the left me with excruciating headaches for years come come.

Perhaps Charlie's warning and the succeeding collision were simply coincidences. Everything the case, ns have always wondered if Charlie knew a tiny bit much more about cars 보다 what could be checked out under the hood.

Candles space a usual sight in countless rituals and also in prayer and also meditation. Over there are number of superstitions concerned candle flames.

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10. The Candle Flame

The lighting of candles is a typical practice utilized during mourning, prayer, meditation, and also relaxation. On the opposite side of the spectrum, candles likewise play a duty in many rituals of a darker nature.

There are several superstitions pertained to candles and, an ext specifically, their flames.

Flame Hue shifting to Blue

It is stated that if a candle's fire suddenly alters from its normal hue to a deep blue, climate an uninvited guest has gotten in the room. Usually, this signifies the visibility of something native the heart world.

Flame Elongating or Refusing come Extinguish

A fire that seems to elongate and also reach for the ceiling is additionally a authorize that an otherworldly being is present. If attempts come blow the end a candle fail repeatedly, this method that something indigenous the various other side is make the efforts to do contact. The heart will effort to thwart any type of efforts to extinguish the flame since doing so would certainly sever their only method of communication.

Smoke continues After fire Is Smothered

A candle that continues to smoke lengthy after the flame has been smothered is also representative that a lingering manifestation. It appears that simply as candles lug solace to the living, they carry out the very same for those who reside in the land of shadows.


Martha Warren Beckwith (Jan–Mar 1923), "Signs and also Superstitions collected from American university Girls", The newspaper of American Folklore, 36 (139): 1–15, JSTOR 535105

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This content is accurate and true come the ideal of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute because that formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Cindy Parmiter (author) from United claims on September 27, 2020:

Magda Sagastume, cat are amazing beings that, it has actually been said, exist in both this world and also the next. Together such, lock are more tuned right into their environment than other creatures. It wouldn't surprise me a bit to uncover that the male who spooked the cat had a dark aura that the pet sensed. That desire to continue to be close to you, in addition to the hissing, to be its method of both protecting you and also telling the other party to store away. Cats frequently know when danger lurks, also when we don't. Best wishes.

Cindy Parmiter (author) from United states on September 27, 2020:

Even though such occasions can be a warning from the various other side, remainder assured that this is rarely the case. Don't issue yourself needlessly. Possibilities are terrific that this was just an accident and also nothing more. Speak a prayer and also think great thoughts. Don't enable negativity to take it hold. Ideal wishes and also blessings to you and also your son.

JatinderJyoti Talwar on September 18, 2020:

My son's photo frame fallen native the wall. M really worried and also heart broken with the poor thoughts that space coming in my mind. Don't know what come do?

Magda Sagastume top top December 08, 2019:

The various other day I had just left a friend's house, once a random cat came v out the nowhere and started strongly rubbing himself versus my legs, and would would follow me however would gain in mine way, trying no to permit me walk. He seemed super vigilant, and hissed at a man when that walked through on the contrary sidewalk. To be he trying come tell me something? ns was an extremely wary later on and feeling weird

Cindy Parmiter (author) from United states on February 26, 2019:

Thank you so lot for commenting. I agree the our beliefs play a far-reaching role in just how we view the events that happen roughly us everyday. It's for this reason true that if us psych ourselves up to intend something come happen; it probably will. I'm sure that most of the cases that room chalked up to these superstitions are just coincidence. Still; there room people, like many of my extended family, who don't believe that anything wake up by accident. The human being sure is a funny place. Thanks again.

charity mtisi native Johannesburg top top February 26, 2019:

Very interesting. I have heard about the cat too, and also an owl. Ns didn't recognize that around cars, though and also the rocking chair. The snapshot frame, well very strange. My only conclusion is the power of thought, mental power. What a human anticipates to happen will happen. Periodically other human being rub their beliefs on rather in such a strong means that the stated 'thing' is certain to occur. The is my explanation, since of close check , together things take place to others all over the world and nothing wake up to them simply since they space not conscious something is an alleged to happen.

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I am certain your vehicle would never have been associated in another crash if girlfriend hadn't heard that a second crash was unavoidable . Even the auto heard too, and also to make matters worse Charlie was 100% specific it would happen.