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The 3rd message in ours Hope connections series, “The heart of a Lion”, was lugged to us by pastor Craig. Lions have actually a way of captivating our hearts. Disney’s earnings on the Lion King prove it. In scripture, there space over 10 recommendations to Jesus gift the Lion that the people of Judah.

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What is it about Lion’s that cause our hearts to swell in ~ the sight of them? there is miscellaneous in a lion’s heart that we recognize and also long come have an ext of ourselves. Revelation 5:5 declares the Jesus is the lion of the people of Judah and that he has won the victory. Genesis 3:15 speaks to the opponent after he has deceived Adam and Eve to declare the the serpents head will be crushed.

The Lion the the people of Judah is saying, “Enemy, if you desire to gain to my kids, you space gonna need to go through me.” This statement of defense and victory is the heart of the lion. We are drawn to this heart, because we want someone to have actually this type of heart because that us. Deep down, we lengthy to have actually this heart for others as well.

David was in tune with his understanding desire to be this type of person. In Psalm 119:32 he cried out to the Lord, “I will certainly run the means of your commandments as soon as you enlarge mine heart.” David got it. That deeply desired to fulfill all of God’s ways and additionally recognized the he needed his father’s love to have the ability to do so. Our hearts space not big enough to bring out his regulates without him.

God enlarges ours hearts through:

1. Spiritual disciplines- fasting, prayer, corporate worship, and also overcoming temptation

2. Suffering- circumstances we have actually no control over

3. Our own mistakes and also failures

• exactly how is God working in your life to offer you his heart?

• exactly how is he cultivation you v spiritual disciplines, suffering, and your own mistakes?

Remember, your situations are not always a correlation to God’s presence and also favor in her life. Often times, that is due to the fact that we room followers the Christ that we space going v suffering and also not experiencing cultural definitions the success. God is more concerned through our hearts 보다 achieving our goals.

God has a lion heart for others and also wants us to have a lion heart because that them together well.

• have the right to you look earlier and see how God has protected you?

• psychic the win he has actually won for you.

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• that does God want you come fight because that this week?

You are developed for more than just existence. Friend are developed to be love by the lion that the tribe of Judah. You are developed to be a lion.