Kime is that magical ingredient separating good Karate practitioners from great practitioners.

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It’s that split-second neuromuscular contraction at the finish of your techniques.

(Also known as “wow, you have good snap in your punches!”)

But there’s naught magical around it.

It’s simply a matter of exactly technique.

There are 3 keys to kime:

The RelaxationThe ContractionThe Timing

Most people are great at one or two of this areas.

But… you need all three!

So, let’s take a closer watch to see what you have the right to improve.

Check that out:

1. The Relaxation

Do girlfriend remember the first time friend rode a bicycle?

It was most likely stiff and awkward.

But after a couple of days you acquired the cave of it, right?

Today you can ride a bicycle with no hands. You’re therefore relaxed!

Relaxation is crucial for mastery.

In Karate too.

So, the very first thing you should know around kime is the it starts indigenous relaxation.

When you’re tense, you’re slow.When you’re relaxed, you’re fast.

The trouble is the most world don’t know just how to relax.

They are so stressed the end from daily life the their central nervous device is in a constant fight-or-flight mode. So they carry that perspective into the dojo.

The answer is NOT to drink much more coffee.

Stop v the energy drinks too.

Bring back your natural state of inside harmony!

Only then deserve to you important relax. Because a tranquil body originates from a relaxed mind.

(This breathing exercise will significantly help.)

Now hear to this…

I when read a clinical study comparing the difference in between Olympic swimmers and also elite swimmers. The researcher concluded that both teams of swimmers had equal level of maximal muscular tension, however the Olympic swimmers to be much better at relaxing than the others. That’s why castle qualified for the Olympics.

Here’s the challenging part:

You can not pressure yourself right into relaxation.

Just ask who to scream “RELAX!” come you, and also see how it goes. Her cortisol level (stress hormone) will certainly shoot v the roof immediately.

Relaxation has to come native the inside.

Just favor happiness. : -)

This is why ns begin all mine Karate classes with ‘mokuso’ (meditation).

It all starts in the mind.

2. The Contraction

Have friend heard of sir Isaac Newton’s well known laws of motion?

My favorite one is:

“For every activity there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

That’s why you need to tense her muscles once you fight something.

You see, return relaxation is important, friend can’t hit in a constant state of finish relaxation. Otherwise, you’ll to like every bone in her body when you fight something!

(Or hyperextend your joints in kata / kihon.)

Your body demands to be able to withstand the strength you deliver.


By contracting her muscles in ~ the minute of impact.

Relaxation first. Tension second.

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But it’s not enough to simply squeeze your fist.

Your human body doesn’t work-related in isolation. It works in integration.

You have to involve your totality body in your technique, so friend squeeze the juice the end of every appropriate muscle fibre in your totality body.

This is called “zentai ryoku” in Japanese. 

Use your totality body!

3. The Timing

Is it smart to drive a automobile with the handbrake on?

Probably not.

The same goes for kime.


You have to switch indigenous relaxation to contraction just before impact.

If girlfriend tense her muscles too early, your an approach decelerates. This is because your antagonists (the muscle working versus your movement) are holding girlfriend back.

Conversely, if you tense her muscles as well late, you’ll pains yourself.

So, friend truly have to coordinate her relaxation and also contraction simply right!


Through responsibility repetition.

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The an ext you repeat a technique, the more efficient your body i do not care at transporting it.