Isaiah 46:4: “Even come old age, ns am the same and even come hoary hair I will certainly I lug you. I have made and I will certainly bear, yea I will certainly carry, and also will deliver.”

I have actually no idea what hoary hair are. The has obtained to it is in old old English. Check Webster’s thesaurus I uncover it simply way gray hairs. If you need a great argument because that a modern-day translation, this verse is a great one. Ns doubt that anyone under the age of 100 years to know what a hoary hair is. The word in the Hebrew is sheybah which method hoary hairs. More contemporary lexicons will say gray hairs.

Is over there a difference in between old age and gray hairs? This passage appears to indicate that over there is. For united state in our society when we view someone with gray hair we take into consideration them old. Ancient Jewish assumed was that once you reach the period of sixty you are taken into consideration to be old and when you with the period of seventy you have hoary hairs. ns drive seniors on mine bus and they will certainly attest to you the there is a difference in between sixty year of age and seventy year of age.  

The Semitic implicitly is that once you reach your sixties girlfriend are thought about old and you turn all her work and also duties end to someone younger. In various other words your genuine usefulness has ended yet you space still relatively active. In our society it is dubbed retirement. When you reach her seventies then the is the moment you end up being weak and in need of assistance. Don’t panic, it is just a generalization. The implication in this passage of bible is the God walk not adjust in His involvement with us also when the civilization thinks we are no longer actively useful in do a donation to the community. God no remove any type of of his resources in our lives and also pass castle on come the next generation. In other words, God does no send you the end to pasture. You are just as helpful to Him at sixty as you were in your thirties. also when you reach the suggest of needing assistance, God will continue to usage you, you will still serve a objective in His kingdom, and also His phone call on her life has actually not changed. As long as you have breath you have a purpose for God.

If you became disabled in your later on years, fine God will bring you. That word for bring is sabal. One definition of sabal is that he will certainly drag girlfriend along. If girlfriend feel as well old and too weak to acquire out the bed in the morning, He will drag you out of bed and put you to work. You space alive because that a purpose, He deserve to make you useful even in ~ the age of hoary hairs. This indigenous sabal is likewise used for someone moving a load for an additional person. Let’s face it ~ sixty and also seventy year of go on this planet you room going to choose up a the majority of emotional baggage. All her failures, her sins, her disappointments keep adding up end the years so the by the time you with your golden years, they are indeed golden. I median that in the feeling that gold is a really heavy metal and also even transporting one yellow brick is a actual burden contrasted to a brick make of plastic.

But say, this verse repeats this indigenous sabal two times, two times in the city God assures united state that that will carry us.

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When something is recurring two times in the Semitic language that is excellent to show an emphasis. God will many certainly lug us or bear the burdens that us bear in ours old age.