A healthy and balanced diet and also regular exercise are extremely important for good health, preventing disease and living longer, but there are various other things in life that space even much more important because that health and longevity.

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In training together a holistic health coach, i learned that there room two varieties of food, main food and an additional food, and also it’s the major food the plays a more an important role in the top quality of her life than the second food (the food you eat). So, what is major food? I refer to it together “soul food.”. That the things in life that feed our heart and soul, like healthy relationships, enjoyable physical activity, a fulfilling /satisfying career, and also a coherent spiritual practice. These things can meet our deepest hunger, a hunger because that a happy and also fulfilling life. When major food is balanced and satisfying, her life feeds you, make what you put in your mouth secondary.

If we do not have a good balance of major food to aid us feel that our resides are worthwhile and enjoyable, then we will certainly use secondary food to try and fulfill the “hunger” the only major food deserve to fulfill. We often stuff ourself with second food once we’re yes, really starving for main food. This deserve to lead to weight gain, frustration, guilt, low self-esteem, depression, or an ext serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Every the food in the world will not satisfy your hunger because that the main food that is lacking in her life.

Tips for far better balance with main foods:

1) Relationships – love nourishes the body, mind and also spirit. Think about your social requirements on a range of 1 come 10 to identify the ideal balance that togetherness and aloneness the is ideal for you.

2) Physical activity – find types of physical activity that girlfriend enjoy most and add them right into your life. Various forms of exercise and task will provide you different varieties of energy. Listen to her body to uncover what works finest for you, then put together a mix of tasks to store yourself in balance.

3) Career – occupational is a huge component of our daily routine, yet exactly how many people really enjoy what castle do? Our resides would greatly improve if we were doing work-related we loved. Think about what girlfriend like and dislike about the occupational you execute each day. If it no satisfying or enjoyable, climate it could be time to start considering a different kind of work.

4) Spirituality – our spiritual practices can feed united state on a an extremely deep level, so whether it’s everyday meditation, prayer, analysis inspirational books, wade in nature…commit come spending time each day to construct your spirituality, adding more depth, more meaning, and more joy to your life.

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Adding more years to your life is not what’s many important, that really around adding an ext LIFE to her years, therefore be sure you’re getting a an excellent balance of “food because that the soul” day-to-day for a healthier, more happiness and much more fulfilling life.

Susan Kimmel, H.C. Is a board Certified Holistic wellness Practitioner, Toxic-Free life Specialist. Susan has actually over 25 year of corporate and non-profit HR training and development experience. She was an adjunct faculty member in ~ Concordia college in the sped up degree program. She has substantial background in breakthrough and shipment of training programs, small and big group facilitation, individual and also group coaching, and also public speaking. “When girlfriend invest in the health and wellness of her people, anyone WINS!”